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Better Living Through Chemistry

CastSam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Ray Liotta, Jane Fonda, Ben Schwartz, Ken Howard, Norbert Leo Butz
Year released2014
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Narrator, referring to pharmacist Doug: “Studiously counting medication, filling prescriptions, he was good at what he did.”
”Amoxicillin, Zoloft, Metformin, Setrol... Kay Tashman was a loving mother, but because sometimes love just isn’t enough, Doug was there with the Xanax and Tegretol for Susan D’Fancesco, because she was bipolar. For Brian Malloy, Chantix to help beat his nicotine addiction.” (0:07)

Delivery man Noah tells Doug, “Antidepressants, I bet.” He imitates shooting himself in the head.
“I know, it’s insane...” (0:09)

Doug, referring to the Roberts couple:
Elizabeth: “You probably think I’m some kind of junkie, huh.” (0:11)

Doug tells Elizabeth, “I’m tipsy.” (0:21)

“Dr. Roth, school psychiatrist.” introduces himself to Doug’s wife Kara. (0:24)

Kara’s mother Bree: “Dr. Friedman... I’m surprised that you can’t diagnose true heartache when you see it...” (0:25)

Elizabeth tells Doug, “I’m struggling between the drunken chimney sweep and this curious unicorn.”
”Swallow something the size of a breadcrumb and farewell to depression, anxiety, insomnia... You never get high on your own supply?”
”Oh, for being crazy like me?”
Doug: “That’s not what I was gonna say, and you’re not crazy.” (0:28)

Narrator, referring to Elizabeth and Doug, “So when she told him that a few pills would make things even better, he went along for the ride... Percocet is nice, but when spliced with atomoxetine and hydrocodone, the party could go on for hours. Fentanyl blended with oxycodone made for a much more interesting day at work... He compiled his own personal grab bag of psychotropic creations for them to enjoy. He was elated...” (0:33)

Elizabeth tells Doug, “I think I have some oxy left... We can take a sleeping pill and keep each other up and just trip out.” (0:34)

Special Agent Andrew tells Doug, “I’m with the Drug Enforcement Agency.”
Doug: “DEA.”
”Janet, the DEA is here.”
Andrew: “What most people don’t realize, Mr. Varney, is that the misallocation of prescription medicine kills 29% more people than the so-called glamour drugs.”
Doug: “Glamour drugs?”
Andrew: “You know, coke, crack, smack, E, you know, P-dog.”
Doug: “P-dog, what’s that?”
Andrew: “It’s kind of like sherm, but different.”
”I just have to make sure that the actual dispensation of meds matches up with the prescription records.”
”Unless, of course, you’re just some no good thieving pill popper.” (0:39)

Doug tells Elizabeth by phone, “What’s going on is that I’ve got a... DEA agent going through my inventory.”
Elizabeth: “So pop a Zannie and take it easy baby. Besides, the DEA agent who investigates pharmacies?” (0:41)

Andrew tells Doug, “I just need to see the stuff with the pseudoephedrine.” (0:42)

His son Ethan tells Doug, “Dr. Roth said something about putting me on a medication.”
Ethan: “Dad, that’s crazy.”
Doug: “And then one day you look up, and you’re okay again without doctors or drugs or anything else.” (0:44)

Narrator: “Using a base of Hypertropin... highly concentrated doses of Adderall for focus, oxycodone to numb his legs and 10 cc. of good old-fashioned methamphetamine for that extra kick in the end.” (0:50)

Narrator: “The hangover from his recent drug binge did not.” (0:56)

Andrew tells Doug, “I was checking the data from the inventory against our prescription database...”
Doug, referring to a customer: “Parkinson’s. He has trouble swallowing so I have to make a paste for transdermal application.”
Andrew: “I’m sure this is just a glitch but if I could just see your prescription ledgers...” (0:57)

Elizabeth hands Doug a pill: “A sedative.” (1:00)

Elizabeth: “As you know, Jack takes a lot of medication for his heart, ACE inhibitors, beta blockers...”
”What’s important is the dosage. Because of the various drugs Jack gets a 300 mg. dose of eprosartan.” (1:01)

Her businessman husband Jack tells Doug, referring to Elizabeth, “She eats enough pills she can keep Pfizer in business by herself.” (1:06)

Andrew tells Doug, referring to Noah, “He panicked, okay?”
”Noah was a resourceful criminal, but he forgot the first rule of the drug game: Don’t get high on your own supply.”
Police officer Willits, “Hey, from the looks of things you ought to prescribe yourself a little something.” (1:15)

Doug tells Kara’s father Walt, “I’m off caffeine.” (1:24)

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