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Betty Blue

Jean-Hugues Anglade, Béatrice Dalle, Gerard Darmon, Consuelo De Haviland, Clémentine Célarié, Jacques Mathou, Vincent Lindon, Jean-Pierre Bisson, Dominique Pinon, Bernard Hug
cocaine | Adolf Hitler
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/taxonomy/term/16374Betty tells handyman Zorg, “You’re mad.”
”To think I spent a year... dodging drunks... ” (0:06)

His boss tells Zorg, “You’re crazy!” (0:16)

Zorg’s boss tells Betty, “You’re insane!”
He tells Zorg, “She’s insane!” (0:23)

Betty tells Zorg, “You’re nuts!”
”Now look... so it’s you who’s nuts.” (0:24)

Zorg tells Betty the books she found are “Hitler’s memoirs." (0:26)

Betty tells Zorg, “To think you paint shacks drives me crazy!” (0:32)

Zorg tells Betty, “You’re insane!” (0:35)

Betty tells Zorg, “You confuse me.” (0:40)

Zorg staggers in drunk.” (0:48)

Zorg tells Betty, “It’s depressing up there.” (0:52)

Betty’s customer Marie tells her friend, referring to Betty, “She’s totally crazy.” (0:56)

Marie asks Zorg, referring to Betty, “Is that girl an idiot or what?” (0:57)

Marie tells Betty, “You’re insane!”
Zorg: ”You’re crazy!”
Marie: ”Insane!” (0:59)

Zorg tells pizza restaurant owner Eddy, referring to Betty, “That drives her nuts.” (1:02)

Zorg tells Betty, “We’re bound to run into morons.” (1:04)

Zorg tells Betty, “You’re mad!”
Publisher: ”She’s insane.”
Zorg: ”You’re totally nuts.” (1:05)

A police detective tells Zorg, referring to Betty, “Quite a pretty girl, but a bit uptight.” (1:09)

Eddy learns by telephone that his mother has died. He grieves. “I feel awful.” (1:17)

Zorg tells Eddy, “You’re nuts.” (1:18)

Burial of Eddy’s mother in a graveyard. (1:24)

Betty asks Zork, “Have you gone mad?”
”You’re crazy.”
”You’re nuts.”
”Look, you’re totally nuts.”
Zorg: ”You’re crazy.”
”Guys freak out over a full tank of gas.”
Betty: ”You’re crazy.” (1:34)

Eddy tells Zorg, referring to Betty and Zorg, “You’re both nutty.”
Zorg: “We’re not crazy.” (1:37)

Zorg tells Betty, “You’re out of your mind.” (1:41)

Betty tells Zorg, “The guy must have been crazy to sell all this.” (2:00)

Zorg asks Betty, referring to a prescription bottle, “Are they sleeping pills?” (2:02)

A policeman tells Zorg, “If you flunk the alcohol test, you’ll wake up fast.” (2:09)

A man offers Zorg a packet of white powder. Zorg rubs it on his gums. Cocaine? The man asks Zorg, “Are you crazy?” (2:11)

Bob tells Zorg, referring to their wives, “Mine’s got hot pants, and yours is going bananas.” (2:20)

Lisa tells Betty, “You’re insane.” (2:23)

Betty tells Zorg, “I hear voices.”
Zorg: “Some nut always has a radio on at 3 AM waiting for World War III.”
Betty: “I hear the voices in my head. I’m going insane.” (2:25)

A guard tells cross-dressed Zorg, “Don’t be so uptight.” (2:27)

Zorg finds Betty sitting in a graveyard. She tells him, “You’re crazy.” (2:31)

Bob tells Zorg, “Don’t panic.”
”She poked an eye out.” (2:40)

Bob tells his wife Annie, “You’re totally crazy to get this wound up over nothing.” (2:45)

Zorg finds Betty restrained in her hospital bed, catatonic. A nurse tells Zorg, “You’re crazy!” (2:49)

Betty’s doctor tells Zorg, “She’s in a state of shock... I can’t guarantee that she’ll ever recover... Electrotherapy gets results.”
“That girl’s is totally insane! Completely insane.”
Zorg: “It’s your medicine that drove her mad!” (2:51)

Again cross-dressed, Zorg returns to Betty’s hospital bed. (2:53)

Zorg grieves Betty’s death. (2:58)

How might we diagnose Betty? Personality disorder? Borderline and histrionic traits? Did she suffer a major depressive episode with psychotic features?