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From Beyond

Barbara Crampton, Ted Sorel, Jeffrey Combs, Ken Foree, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Bunny Summers, Bruce McGuire, Del Russel, Dale Wyatt
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In a psychiatric hospital psychiatrist Katherine McMichaels tells psychiatrist Bloch, “... I’m not in favor of locking away schizophrenics.”
Assistant district attorney Jordan Fields tells Dr. Bloch, “We’ve asked Dr. McMichaels for her expert opinion on the sanity of Crawford Tillinghast as it pertains to his ability to stand trial for the murder of Edward Pretorious.” (0:10)

Physicist Crawford tells McMichaels, “I suppose you’re another psychiatrist.”
Crawford: “I’m not mad.” (0:12)

In restraintsCrawford undergoes computed tomography. Bloch asks McMichaels, “Think the tumor is causing his delusion?”

Fields: “You mean he’s not crazy:?”
Bloch: “You use your patients so you can make your great discoveries.”
McMichaels: “By locking them up, giving them drugs, taking their lives away?”
Bloch tells Fields, “Crawford Tillnghast is a classic paranoid schizophrenic...” (0:15)

McMichaels: “You’re my patient now, Dr. Tillinghast.” (0:18)

Crawford tells police sergeant Bubba, he is ”The crazy.”
Bubba: “We were all crazy.” (0:19)

Bubba tells McMichaels, “First we find our missing mental patient.” (0:23)

Bubba asks McMichaels, “Are you crazy too?” (0:26)

McMichaels tells Crawford, “We proved you’re not insane.”
”I’ll have to do a study of the CAT scans of schizophrenics. If there’s a statistical correlation between schizophrenia and an enlarged pineal, why they may be seeing or feeling what we saw.”
Bubba, referring to Crawford: “He ain’t crazy... They’re gonna think we’re crazy, but that’s their problem.”
McMichaels tells Crawford, “This could be the first step in curing schizophrenia. My father spent 15 years in an institution... They tried everything, drugs, shock therapy, even surgery.” (0:36)

Bubba tells McMichaels, “This ain’t an experiment. It’s suicide.”
”You may be a scientist, lady, but right now you’re acting like a junkie.” (0:48)

Fields tells Bloch, “We’d like your opinion of her mental state.”
Bloch tells Fields, referring to McMichaels, “You can’t do much with her in this agitated state. She’ll upset the other patients.”
Bloch tells McMichaels, “Well, you’re my patient now.”
Bloch tells a nurse, “Prepare her for electroshock therapy.”
”If she continues to resist, sedate her.” (1:02)

Technicians restrain McMichaels and apply electrode paste to her head. (1:05)

Bloch finds Crawford eating a human brain. He attacks her and begins eating her eye. (1:06)

McMichaels with bitemporal electrodes. (1:08)

One EMT tells another, referring to a patient, “You better hurry before he goes into DTs.”
”Shit, Harley, he’s gone into DTs.” (1:10)

Crawford tells Dr. Pretorius, “I know your desires you impotent pig.” (1:15)