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Beyond Tomorrow

C. Aubrey Smith, Helen Vinson, Richard Carlson, Maria Ouspenskaya, Charles Winninger, Jean Parker, Harry Carey Sr.
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Engineer Michael toasts his engineer partners George Melton and Maj. Allan Chadwick, "Confusion to our critics, and to us, a Merry Christmas."
George: ”Don't worry.” (0:10)

Michael tells hostess Tanya, "Now, don't worry."
Jean Lawrence tells Tanya, ”Oh, don't you worry.” (0:32)

James Houston tells Jean, referring to his girlfriend back in Texas, "Oh, crazy about her."
Jean: ”I suppose she's crazy about you, too.”
James: ”I'm still pretty worried about those brussel sprouts.” (0:34)

Learning of the deaths of George, Allan and Michael, Tanya grieves. (0:35)

Jean and Jimmy learn of the deaths and share their grief with Tanya. (0:40)

Allan tells Michael, referring to Jean and Jimmy, "There's no pain for us, except their grief." (0:41)

Singer Arlene Terry tells James, referring to the man knocking at her door, "My ex-husband, drunk as usual." (1:03)

Jean tells James, "I was worried about you." (1:04)

Tanya tells James, "You look worried."
James: ”Now, don’t you worry.” (1:07)

Arlene tells James, "You seem nervous." (1:08)