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Mohanlal, Nedumudi venu, Urvashi
ethyl alcohol
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Musician Kunjunni tells singer Raman, "I’ve seen several great artists get sloshed before a performance." (0:09)

Government worker Gopi asks Raman, "Do you know how much sister-in-law worries?"
”Everyone knows you've started this habit.”
Referring to their uncle: ”Please don't worry him.” (0:12)

Gopi asks Raman’s wife Ramani, "Did you get worried when we didn't turn up last night?"
Raman: ”Were you worried?” (0:15)

Gopi tells Vijayan, referring to Gopi’s sister Radha, "She is mute." (0:22)

Raman’s mother asks him, "Who would love a mute?"
Vijayan: ”Being mute is an ailment for humans, mother, not for goats or cows.”
Ammai, referring to Raman: ”Then he'd cook up so many wacky things.”
Gopi: ”I'm also getting used to some wacky things” (0:27)

Vijayan tells Gopi, referring to Radha, "It was time pass in the beginning, until I found out she was mute... It's been five years since my wife passed." (0:38)

Raman asks Gopi, referring to Vijayan and Radha, "Does he know that she is a mute?" (0:39)

Vijayan’s father: "Just because we discussed some calculation for gold and cash, and we receive it from you, it doesn't make a mute not a mute, will it?" (0:41)

Raman asks his wife Ramani, "Why are you needlessly worrying me? Music itself is an intoxicant. One who has experienced that intoxicant, will not be drowned by this one."
Ramani: ”Earlier, after the concert, you were so drunk, you couldn't even stand straight...”
Raman: ”Gopi, are you making me out to be a drunkard?”
Referring to alcohol: ”I will not touch it henceforth.” (0:43)

Stage manager, referring to Raman: "That Menon and Kurup got him drunk." (0:45)

Raman’s mother tells his grandfather, "Once I I stood there watching a person who had come to invite him to a concert get slapped across his face for coming drunk." (0:55)

Devi asks Gopi, "Can you please tell us instead of just worrying us?"
Devi asks her father, ”Oh, I see, if brother is drunk, and cannot sing, what should Gopiettan have done?”
Devi’s mother: ”With all the drinking, he must have acquired the habits of drunkards.”
Devi’s father: ”Don't worry about any of this.” (0:59)

Uncle: "Similarly, Gopinathan is also very worried." (1:00)

Uncle tells two workers, "Let's not have a panic attack at the last minute." (1:02)

Gopi tells Harikumar, "Brother was very depressed."
Harikumar: ”It's a complex of sorts... You must not worry and throw away your future over this.” (1:04)

Ramani asks Gopi, "Alcohol is capable of altering people's minds, isn't it?... He doesn't drink at all now." (1:08)

Gopi tells Ramani, referring to Raman, "He was drunk when he came for concert." (1:26)

Musician Kunjunni: "Gopi, if you’re not at home now, everyone will worry." (1:28)

Gopi tells the women, "Please don't needlessly cry and worry Appu as well." (1:30)

Harikumar tells Gopi, "Don't worry about it." (1:35)

Gopi learns that his brother has died after an apparent accident. (1:37)

Cremation of Raman (1:49)

Ramani tells the others, "This is like a house mourning someone's death." (1:52)

Harikumar asks Goopi, "Your sister-in-law, isn't this a shock she cannot handle?" (1:58)

The others discover the truth about Raman’s death and grieve. (2:02)