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Bicycling with Molière

Fabrice Luchini, Lambert Wilson, Maya Sansa, Camille Japy, Laurie Bordesoules, Patrick Bonnel
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Actor Serge tells his actor friend Gauthier: “You’re out of your mind.”
”I know a great realtor, a bit of an idiot...” (0:08)

Gauthier tells Serge, “The prices are insane.”
Realtor Meynard: “Right now it’s depressing.”
Serge asks Gauthiere, ”Have you gone nuts?” (0:10)

Gauthier tells Serge, “Plus, I’ve got a crazy week in Paris.” (0:17)

Gauthier tells Serge, “I had a big scene, terrible nerves.” (0:22)

Hotel Owner Madame BIchet tells Gauthier, “My favorite episode is with the Chinese girl who’s lost her memory...” (0:26)

Gauthier’s character in the play: “I do not fly into a rage...” (0:27)

Serge tells Gauthier, “That’s just what happened to me during my depression.” (0:32)

Gauthier asks Serge, “Were you really depressed?”
Serge: “I even did 5 weeks’ sleep therapy at Sainte-Anne Hospital.”
Gauthier: “If you couldn’t work, why not get a psychiatric report?”
Serge: “Screw psychiatrists!” (0:32)

Gauthier’s character in the play: “And will be virtuous in its sobriety.” (0:34)

Gauthier tells Francesca, “You mean ‘in the mood.’”
Francesca: ”In the mood.”
Francesca, referring to actors: ”They’re narcissistic.”
Gauthier: “What makes you think we’re narcissistic?”
”I am not narcissistic.”
”You know, actors may be narcissistic, but they have feelings.” (0:39)

Serge tells Gauthier, ”It’s like you’re in denial.” (0:41)

Francesca asks Serge, referring to his mother, “She drove badly, and you were traumatized?” (0:49)

Serge’s surgeon: “The anesthetic.” (0:51)

Gauthier tells Francesca and Serge, “I turned a knob, and the Jacuzzi went crazy. It was bubbling like mad.” (1:07)

Serge tells Gauthier, “No, too depressing.” (1:10)

Serge, on the phone to Meynard: “People are totally crazy.” (1:13)

Gauthier’s character in the play: “It maddens me...”
Serge: ”I laugh at your black moods.”
”Are all poor mortals without exception to be included in this aversion?” (1:18)

Sergio talks to Francesca and Gauthier about “an intense mood...” (1:25)

Cab driver tells Gauthier’s agent Tamara and girlfriend Christine, referring to Gauthier, “He’s crazy.” (1:31)