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The Big Chill

Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, Kevin Kline, Mary Kay Place, JoBeth Williams, Meg Tilly
marijuana | cocaine | Sigmund Freud | dimenhydrinate | methaqualone
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Psychologist Nick snuffs a joint in his car’s ashtray and dumps pills on the car seat before selecting a few. (0:03)

A mortician moves the shirt cuff to cover stitched lacerations on Alex’s wrist. (0:04)

Mourners gather at a church. (0:05)

Pallbearers place the casket in a hearse. (0:13)

Meg reacts to a toke from a joint. Nick tells her, referring to Alex, “That’s probably why he killed himself.” (0:15)

Burial at a cemetery. (0:18)

Sarah tells Meg, referring to Chloe, "His funeral, and she's stoned." (0:19)

Sarah tells journalist Michael, "We give first preference to people who kill themselves in one of our bathrooms." (0:20)

Meg tells Sam, "That's why I don't smoke anymore. Dope makes me stupid... I no longer know how to handle myself stoned." (0:20)

Michael tells someone by telephone, "It's about everything, suicide, despair... lost hope." (0:22)

Nick retrieves the drug stash from under his car. (0:23)

Karen asks Sarah, "Remember those laboratory rats that went crazy when they were deprived of their privacy?" (0:23)

Nick snorts lines of cocaine from a mirror. Meg tells him, "You got me stoned too quick... Now I'm just drunk and therefore, brave."
Nick: "I've always been a cowardly drunk myself." (0:29)

Ad executive Richard tells Nick he has "Insomnia."
Nick: "I might have something that could help you sleep." (0:34)

Nick: "Then in 1972 you returned... to enter the doctoral program in psychology... I'm not hung up on this completion thing... But your real fame came as a radio psychologist..." (0:40)

Sam asks Michael, "Why is it what you just said strikes me as a massive rationalization?"
Michael: "Don't knock rationalization. Where would we be without it? I don't anyone who could get through the day without two or three juicy rationalizations."
"Have you ever gone a week without a rationalization?" (0:48)

Karen: "Hey, you forgot your dramamine." (0:49)

Meg: "I let you guys out of my sight for a little while and you develop a bunch of moronic interests."
Harold: "Hey, don't knock morons. "
Michael: "Meg, would you prefer we got into heavy drugs?"
"Nick, drugs?" (0:50)

Karen tokes a joint then passes it to Harold. Michael passes it to Sarah. (0:54)

Michael rolls a joint. Nick tells him, "I'm not in the mood."
Michael: "What is that, a lude?"
Michael washes it down with wine. (0:56)

Harold tells Sarah, "Remind me to get some more cocaine in the morning."
Sarah, referring to Michael: "... moronic love of his..." (0:59)

Sam tells NIck and Harold, "Some people think suicide is the ultimate act of self-absorption."
NIck: "Alex didn't commit suicide." (1:00)

Cop Peter tells Harold, referring to Nick, "The main thing is that he looks like that he could be one of them Yankee drug dealers that we sometimes get." (1:11)

Harold tells Sam, "You were hallucinating pretty bad that night. We didn't even have any drugs." (1:18)

Drugs and paraphernalia on a table. (1:22)

Nick tells Harold, "Meg is pissed off 'cause Alex didn't leave us a suicide note."
Sam: "... one of our best friends decided to kill himself and we don't have a... clue as to why."
Karen: "Who said that, Freud?"
Nick: "I am so sick of people selling their psyches for a little attention."
"Hey, for some people it isn't a question of why to kill yourself, but why not."
Karen: "This is happening because we all really miss him, and we're really hurting."
Sam: "I'm not gonna piss that away because you're higher than a kite." (1:22)

Michael lights and tokes a joint. (1:28)

Sarah asks Harold, "Do you have to be in such a good mood?" (1:35)