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The Big Cube

Lana Turner, George Chakiris, Richard Egan, Dan O'Herlihy, Karin Mossberg, Pamela Rodgers, Carlos East, Augusto Benedico, Víctor Junco
lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana
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Graffiti on walls: “Acid,” “Grass” (0:14)

Artist Lalo drops sugar cubes in beer.
Lisa, referring to her coffee: “This tastes like acid.” (0:16)

Partier, describing Queen Bee, “Poison, the end, suicide.” (0:17)

A partier drops a sugar cube in beer. Another partier asks, “How far we flying?”
Partier: ”Short trip, baby.” (0:18)

Lalo tells medical student Johnny, referring to beach boy David, “I’m gonna cube that mother but good.”
Lalo, after dropping sugar cube in beer, “Have a nice trip you mother.” (0:18)

David hallucinates then freaks out. (0:19)

Johnny tells partier Lisa, “Maybe he freaked out.”
Lisa: “Freaked out?”
Johnny: “From acid. LSD. You take LSD, and strange things begin to happen. You see sounds. You hear colors.”
”Oh, they fool around, but they’re not acid heads.” (0:21)

Vice squad detective Kelly tells Johnny, “A beach boy went berserk in a club, Le Trip, a few nights ago.”
Medical school dean: “Laboratory tests indicate he was given lysergic acid diethylamide.”
Dean: ”Capt. Kelly has information from your classmates you have been producing LSD in the university’s chemistry laboratory and supplying it to your friends.” (0:25)

Screenwriter Frederick tells actress Adriana, “Well, the doctor says you have a concussion.”
Adriana, realizing her wealthy husband Charles is dead: “He’s gone.” (0:42)

Johnny tells Lisa, referring to Adriana, “She had a brain concussion... Crazy things.” (0:51)

Johnny drips liquid into an open capsule then re closes it. (0:51)

Adriana: Psychedelic experience or dream? (0:52)

Adriana: Psychedelic experience. (0:57)

Frederick tells Adriana, referring to Lisa, “She told us you became hysterical on the way back.”
Adriana: “Am I going crazy?”
Frederick asks psychiatrist Dr. Lorenz, referring to the drug he prescribed for her, ”Would they induce hallucinations?”
Lorenz: ”No. They’re sedatives. But you did suffer a concussion...”
Adriana: “And I am not crazy.”
Lorenz: “I’m going to give you a sedative, so that you can get some rest.” (0:59)

Lisa tells Frederick “That Adriana is losing her mind.” (1:02)

Adriana takes her sedative followed by another psychedelic experience. “I’m not crazy.”
She hears Johnny's voice: “The windows. Jump Adriana... Jump. Jump, Adriana. Jump." (1:03)

Lisa visits Adriana on the grounds of a psychiatric hospital. (1:07)

Lisa: “She didn’t even recognize me.”
Frederick: ”Adriana’s blotted the memory of your father’s death completely out of your mind... hallucinations. These things can’t be explained by a concussion.” (1:07)

Lisa tells Johnny, referring to Adriana, “
She didn’t even know me.”
Johnny: “Maybe... we’ve figured a perfect freak out.”
Lisa: “You... tried to drive her to suicide.” (1:08)

Johnny asks attorney Delacroix, “How much longer do you think you can deprive Lisa of her legal rights while your client sits around in a padded cell.”
Delacroix: “... Mrs. Winthrop is hardly in ‘a padded cell’...”
Johnny: “Agreed, counselor, but that was when she was sane.” (1:10)

Judge: “The court therefore rules that Adriana Winthrop is mentally incompetent...” (1:11)

Partiers drop sugar cubes in glasses of champagne before they go freak out. (1:11)

Lisa plays a recording of Johnny for Frederick: “The windows, Adriana. Jump.” (1:17)

Lorenz listens to the recording with Frederick: “Jump.”
Frederick: “You mean partial amnesia?”
Lorenz: “She blocked it out.” (1:18)

Frederick's play demands that Adriana reenact traumatic events. (1:19)

Adriana recovers her memories. (1:23)

As character Laura Adriana asks another character representing Lisa, “Or did you imagine that the whole world would think that I had gone mad?”
Adriana tells Frederick, “I’ve never been so nervous in my life...”
”Now who’s nervous? I’ve been expecting a cable from Charles.”
Frederick: ”When they drive you mad.” (1:26)

In the play Laura takes her medication. Frederick replays the recording:
“The windows Adriana. Jump... Jump... Jump. Yes, jump.”
Lisa admits to Adriana, ”With drugs and this machine we did it.”
Adriana: ”I’m not mad. I’m not mad.” (1:28)

Hallucinating from the effects of LSD, Johnny unravels. (1:32)

Johnny prepares a sugar cube and places it in his mouth. He gobbles sugar cubes that litter the floor. (1:34)