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Big Eyes

Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz, Krysten Ritter, Jason Schwartzman
Marilyn Monroe | marijuana
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Artist Margaret asks her friend DeeAnn, referring to expresso, “Is that like reefer?” (0:04)

Her artist/realtor friend Walter asks Margaret, “What’s that with the big crazy eyes?” (0:12)

Margaret: “Walter, I’m crazy about you.” (0:16)

Walter tells Margaret, ”This is not about ego.” (0:32)

Walter tells Margaret’s daughter Jane, “You’re confused.” (0:36)

Margaret tells Walter, “Maybe you have an unhealthy obsession with little girls.” (0:43)

Walter on television: “My psyche was scarred in my art student days.” (0:44)

Walter tells Margaret by telephone, “It’s the craziest thing... it’s cuckoo.” (0:46)

Walter tells Margaret, “That sounds a bit confusing, doesn’t it?” (0:49)

Margaret tells her pet poodle, “To tick Walter off maybe I’ll paint one about a crazy girl talking to a dog” (0:59)

Margaret tells Walter, “You sound crazy.” (1:02)

Margaret tells Walter, “You sound insane.” (1:06)

Walter tells Margaret, “I’m a little agitated.” (1:18)

Girl: “Shit, this is crazy, man, all these copies.” (1:22)

Radio DJ Big Lolo asks Margaret, referring to Walter, “Ain’t he the guy who does the crazy eyes?” (1:23)

Walter tells reporter Dick, “Margaret’s gone berserk.”
”But it’s nuts.” (1:24)

Margaret, referring to Walter: “He makes me sound crazy.” (1:25)

Walter tells a reporter, referring to Margaret, “My only concern is that somebody get this woman some psychiatric help.” (1:26)

Walter addresses Margaret on the witness stand, “It sounds like you’ve described... a sadistic ogre...” (1:31)

Walter testifies: “Marilyn Monroe... Miss Natalie Wood walked up to me...” (1:34)