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Big Stone Gap

Ashley Judd, Patrick Wilson, Whoopi Goldberg, John Benjamin Hickey, Jane Krakowski, Anthony LaPaglia, Jenna Elfman
Ashley Judd | Bob Fosse
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Burial of pharmacy owner Ave's mother Fiammetta in a cemetery. Pharmacist Fleeta cries. (0:11)

Girl customer: "MIss Ave, got my prescription ready?"
"If prescriptions didn't take so long, wouldn't read 'em Fleeta." (0:21)

Ave's Actor friend Theodore: "Have you ever seen West Side Story?" (0:23)

Ave's friend Iva Lou tells miner Lyle, "I believe you're drunk, sir." (0:25)

Theodore, referring to actress Elizabeth Taylor: "I think I have put together a show that's gonna top her entrance into Rome in Cleopatra."
"I've gotta be the Bob Fosse of Big Stone Gap in a parking lot." (0:35)

Fleeta: "Why would you feed into this lunacy?" (0:40)

Theodore tells Ave, "I'm moody, cranky..." (1:00)

Dr. Daugherty, referring to Ave: "This is what we call an old fashioned nervous breakdown." (1:03)

Pearl tells Jack, referring to Ave, "... that's why she had that nervous breakdown." (1:06)

Spec tells Iva Lou and Theodore, referring to Ave, "I don't know what pills Doc Daugherty been givin' her, but it's makin' that girl crazy."(1:11)

Sue tells Ave, "It happened around the time of your mental collapse."
Referring to her boys' father Mike, "He loves me, and he's crazy about the boys." (1:20)