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The Big Wedding

Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Ben Barnes
Robin Williams
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His ex-wife Ellie asks sculptor Don, ”She’s got you on the wagon?” (0:04)

Don and Ellie's daughter Lyla swoons when she sees the newborns. (0:08)

Lyla’s physician brother Jared tells her, “You might have a concussion.” (0:10)

Caterer Bebe tells Ellie, referring to mother-of-the-bride Muffin, “And she’s completely mental. She’s driving me crazy about the details of the wedding.” (0:11)

Ellie and Don's adopted son Alejandro asks Jared, referring to Lyla, “She’s drunk already?”
Jared: ”Mild concussion.”
Alejandro's bride Missy tells Lyla, referring to her parents, “But really they’re freaking out that they’re gonna have beige grandkids.” (0:13)

Don tells Lyla, “Before you end it all you should know they filled in the kiddy pond last summer.” (0:17)

Alejandro tells Ellie, “I’m kind of nervous, actually.” (0:19)

Ellie asks Don, “What, are you nuts?” (0:20)

Don tells Lyla and Alejandro’s mother Madonna, “Sucks being sober.” (0:28)

Don tells Alejandro, referring to Father Moinighan, “It’s possible his hangover’s warn off by now.” (0:30)

Moinighan tells Don, “Well, being on the wagon’s not entirely bad...”
Don: “Padre and I did AA together.”
Moinighan: “How’s sobriety working for you?” (0:34)

Alejandro tells Missy, “I’m an idiot.”
”I’m a galactic idiot. My idiocracy knows no bounds.”
”I’m an idiot.” (0:46)

Lyla asks Don, “You sure today’s the day you want to fall off the wagon?” (0:54)

Don asks Alejandro, “Crazy, right?” (1:00)

Ellie, referring to Don: “He’s plastered.” (1:03)

Muffin: “I occasionally look the other way, and he doesn’t harp on my fetishes.”
Don: “What fetishes?” (1:06)

Lyla tells Don, “Jared got all of Mom’s traits...”
Don: “The day you were born I went out and got blasted... drank my face off.” (1:13)

Madonna tells Alejandro, “You Americans are crazy.” (1:20)

Don: “Your grandmothers are all nuts.” (1:22)