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Billy Liar

Tom Courtenay, Julie Christie, Wilfred Pickles, Mona Washbourne, Finlay Currie, Ethel Griffies, Rodney Bewes, Helen Fraser, George Innes, Denys N. Coop, Leonard Rossiter
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In his fantasy, his mother Alice says, "Billy’s pissed again." (0:10)

Funeral home worker Billy sees a sign: "Billy Fisher genius or madman?" (0:14)

Billy tells Alice, "You worry too much." (0:15)

Billy tells his coworker Arthur Crabtree, referring to Liz, "She’s crazy." (0:2)

Billy composes his novel: "Ned... nervously fingered his cap..." (0:32)

His fiance Barbara tells Billy, "Oh, you do worry so, Billy."
Billy offers Barbara ”Energy tablets.” (0:41)

Barbara and Billy walk through a cemetery. (0:42)

Billy tells Barabar, "Surely you’ve heard... of repressions, the nervous reactions of a man who’s not..."
”Well, just have one more energy tablet.” (0:46)

Billy’s father Geoffrey tells Alice, referring to Billy, "He’s old enough and daft enough..." (0:54)

Geoffrey tells Billy, "You’re not right in the bloody head." (1:22)

Alice tells Billy, "Your grandma died..." (1:27)

Billy imagines himself presiding over a funeral for his grandmother with military honors. (1:29)