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Black Irish

Michael Angarano, Brendan Gleeson, Tom Guiry, Melissa Leo, Emily VanCamp, Michael Rispoli, Francis Capra, Bonnie Dennison, Bates Wilder, Kevin O'Donnell, Scott Winters, Steve Flynn 2007
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Wake for Cole's aunt. (0:02)

Cole tells his brother Terry and Terry's friend Anthony, “You guys are out of your minds.” (0:05)

Cole’s father Desmond tells Cole, referring to women, “Each and every one of them has some new and nutty perspective on the world.” (0:48)

His doctor asks Desmond, “Have you given any consideration to quitting drinking?” (0:53)

Cole’s sister Kathleen asks their mother Margaret, “... so people would think we’re a normal family? Well, we’re not.” (0:59)

Desmond tells Margaret, “You’re stewed, Maggie.”
Margaret: “I deserve to be stewed.” (1:03)

Terry tells Cole, referring to his new car, “So I took it to this guy I know, big weedhead. (1:06)

Desmond tells the police officer, “Thanks for the profound insight.” (1:10)

Cole’s restaurant owner boss Joey calls Terry “you junky piece of shit.” (1:19)