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Black Narcissus

Deborah Kerr, Flora Robson, Jean Simmons, David Farrar, Sabu, Esmond Knight, Kathleen Byron, Jenny Laird, Judith Furse, May Hallatt, Eddie Whaley Jr., Shaun Noble, Nancy Roberts, Ley On
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Sister Briony tells Sr. Clodagh, “I can’t sleep.” (0:22)

Sr. Ruth asks the old general’s agent Mr. Dean, “Is the general grieving?” (0:34)

Sr. Clodagh tells Mr. Dean, “You’re objectionable when you’re sober and abominable when you’re drunk.” (0:55)

Sr. Ruth tells Sr. Clodagh, “I haven’t been sleeping.”
Sr. Clodagh: ”If you haven’t been sleeping, there must be something wrong.”
”... I think you’re out of your senses.”
”When he came to chapel on Christmas night he was drunk.” (0:58)

Sr. Briony tells Sr. Honey, “I won’t have any hysteria from you.” (1:08)

Sr. Ruth tells Sr. Honey, “He knows something, the little idiot.” (1:09)

Sr. Clodagh tells Angu Ayah, “It’s Sr. Ruth. She’s gone mad.”
Ayah: “You can’t stop mad people.”Sister: ”She may kill herself.”
Ayah: ”If she is really mad, that won’t matter.” (1:24)

Mr. Dean tells Sr. Ruth, “Ever since you came here you’ve all gone crazy. Well, drive one another crazy, but leave me out of it!” (1:28)