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Black or White

Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, Jillian Estell, Bill Burr, Jennifer Ehle, Andre Holland, Gillian Jacobs, Anthony Mackie
crack cocaine
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By telephone lawyer Elliot shares plans with his brother after the death of his wife. (0:02) 

Elliot’s granddaughter Eloise cries and tells him, “I’m super sad.” after he tells her of the death of Carol. (0:15)

Memorial service for Carol followed by wake. (0:15)

Tutor Duvan tells of Elliot of the losses of his family, then hands him the paper he wrote “... on literature’s effect on grief... and alternative grief counseling.” (0:23)

His attorney friend Rick tells Elliot, referring to Eloise’s paternal grandmother business woman Wee Wee and her attorney brother Jeremiah, “She’s got him threatening to file a family court hearing on custody of Eloise unless you deal with her.”
Elliot: “They don’t do custody hearings.” (0:25)

Wee Wee tells Elliot, “I’m thinking... we need to start talking about a shared custody.”
”Don’t be coming down her lecturing me, all liquored up, about common sense, Elliot.” (0:31)

Wee Wee’s brother Jeremiah: “... my sister has retained us for a family custody matter.” (0:34)

Rick, referring to Eloise’s father Reggie: “He’s been convicted three times on felony drug charges...” (0:37)

Rick gives Elliot the name of his brother-in-law: “He’s in Alcoholics Anonymous.” (0:38)

Judge Cummins, addressing Jeremiah: “Um, I have your brief for parental custody on behalf of Ms. Jeffers... Why don’t you ask for shared custody?”
Jeremiah, referring to Eloise: “Well, your honor, we feel that the child’s environment is not conducive to her growing up with a strong sense of self-esteem.”
Judge Cummins: “... I don’t think we have enough to warrant a hearing on full custody.”
Wee Wee, referring to Elliot: ”He’s got himself a drinking problem that needs to be looked into.”
Cummins: ”Okay, the clerk will schedule a family custody hearing, and I’m going to order psychiatric evaluations of young Miss Anderson... the state has custody options...” (0:45)

By telephone Elliot tells Rick, referring to Eloise, “She had another one of those therapy sessions that the judge ordered.”
”I don’t want the damn therapists messing with her head.” (0:50)

Eloise’s father Reggie, referring to Eloise, “I could just go ahead and say that you should have custody of her...“
”I am clean, Elliot.” (0:55)

Elliot asks Eloise, “Are you in the mood to go swimming.” (1:01)

Wee Wee tells Elliot, “He’s off all the drugs. He’s cleaned up.”
”Look past that sour hangover attitude...” (1:03)

Elliot asks Reggie if he’s “Shaking off last night’s buzz?”
”Goddamn crackhead...” (1:04)

Elliot tells Reggie, “Get off the drugs...”
”You need to clean yourself up.”
Reggie: ”I am clean, Elliot.” (1:08)

Jeremiah asks Reggie, “How long you been clean?”
”The judge will only see him as a two bit drug addict...”
Reggie: “Jeremiah, I’m clean... I’m clean now.”
Wee Wee: ”This isn’t about him doing drugs... he’ll take a... drug test.”
Jeremiah tells Wee Wee, ”... If you want to win custody from Elliot...” (1:09)

By telephone Rick tells Elliot, “It’s Reggie’s complaint now, filing for full parental custody.” (1:12)

Elliot tells his legal team, referring to Reggie, “He’s a drug addict.” (1:14)

Man smoking a crack pipe? (1:17)

Reggie tells Wee Wee, referring to Elliot, “I told you he’s a special kind of crazy.”
Elliot tells Wee Wee, “So sweet of him to bring Elloise over for a crack smoking field trip.”
Wee Wee: “There’s no crack smoking going on Elliot... Don’t come here talking to me about crack smoking.”
Elliot: “He’s a junkie.”
”My son is not a junkie.”
”He’s a crack junkie, Rowena.” (1:18)

Wee Wee tells Elliot, referring to Reggie, “My son is not a junkie, and you’re a drunk.”
”Have yourself an old drunk man’s bubble bath.” (1:20)

Elliot tells Rick, “Well, it’s either that or get drunk, I guess.”
Rick: “That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard.”
”Going to AA isn’t easier than trying to learn...” (1:21)

Wee Wee catches Reggie smoking crack. (1:21)

Rick: “Your honor, if I may, Eloise has had nine sessions with the state’s child therapist and the Jeffers’ stipulated psychiatrist.”
Jeremiah: “Now you have been convicted of... drug possession... drug possession with intent to sell.”
”Now Mr. Davis, at one point you were smoking crack every day.”
”What do you think led you to taking all these drugs?”
Wee Wee: “The drugs were a way for the boy to hide his pain of losing his daddy and letting his family down.”
Jeremiah: “How long have you been clean from drug use, Reggie?”
Reggie, referring to Eloise, “I think if she lived with my mother... while I continue my rehabilitation...“ (1:24)

Duvan tells Jeremiah, “I am not an expert on alcohol or substance abuse detection or even addiction control issues.”
Jeremiah: “Mr. Araga, have you ever seen Mr. Anderson intoxicated?”
”Have you ever seen him intoxicated in front of his granddaughter?”
”Mr. Araga, have you ever seen Mr. Anderson intoxicated in front of Eloise?” (1:30)

Rick tells Elliot, referring to Rick brother-in-law, “He said, maybe this guy’s not an alcoholic... Maybe he’s just hopped up on anger... If that is your drug of choice, Elliot... today is not the day to go off on a bender.” (1:32)

Elliot, addressing the court, referring to Reggie: “He was agitated, high, stoned on something.”
”He has a tendency to get violent for no reason when he’s on drugs.”
Jeremiah asks Elliot if he sees Reggie as “drugged out.”
Eliot: “I’m not a pervert... and I don’t need a math tutor to know it doesn’t make me a racist just because he’s a crack addict... a drug-addled criminal...” (1:34)

Reggie lights a crack pipe.” (1:44)

Reggie tells Cummins, “I don’t want the custody.”
Cummins asks Jeremiah, “So, counselor, are you now back to asking me to give custody to your sister...?”
Jeremiah: “Yes... we’d like to revert back... asking that Rowena Jeffers be given full custody of the child.”
Cummins: “So, Mr. Davis, are you sure... you... want to give full custody to Mr. Anderson...?”
”Alright, Mr. Anderson, you now have full custody of your granddaughter...” (1:52)