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Black Sheep (1996)

Chris Farley, David Spade, Tim Matheson, Christine Ebersole, Gary Busey, Grant Heslov, Timothy Carhart, Bruce McGill, Boyd Banks, David St. James
Ronald Reagan | crack cocaine | marijuana | nitrous oxide
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Mike, brother of candidate for governor Al: "It's crazy." (0:03)

Mike tells his cop buddy Robbie, “Whoa, nitrous oxide boosters.” (0:10)

Older driver Harold tells his wife, referring to Mike, "He must be all hopped up on crack cocaine." (0:13)

Mike: "I want to get wrecked."
A girl offers Mike a joint.
Mike: "Smoking, snorting, shooting, sucking, doping, popping, dropping..." (0:15)

His campaign manager Roger tells Al, referring to Mike, "... he was giving these kids a speech about saying no to drugs." (0:16)

Incumbent Governor Evelyn Tracy reads from a newspaper: "Donnelly's brother is like Roger Clinton... Ronald Reagan's entire family rolled into one." (0:18)

Mike tells campaign advisor Steve, the rec center "can't afford to be involved with... a scandal, especially one involving kids and drugs."
Steve: "That's crazy, man." (0:18)

Trying to escape a bat, Mike screams, "I'm gonna get rabies!"
Mike tells Steve, "You idiot, you can't catch a bat with a pot, you moron."
"Moron." (0:24)

Dueling banjos music from Deliverance. (0:29)

Mike and Steve run from a tub full of "Snakes!"
Mike: "I hate snakes." (0:33)

Mike calls Steve, "What an idiot." (0:35)

By telephone Roger tells Mike that Al refers to Mike as "The idiot." (0:40)

Mike stumbles into a room where a Rastafarian smoking a joint offers it to Mike who declines, saying,"There's enough in the air here to get everybody high..." (0:44)

Steve asks Mike, "How could you have such horrible instincts and survive this long?"
Referring to Army veteran Drake, "This guy is like Leatherface, Chucky, Jan Brady all rolled into one." (0:52)

Steve tells Drake, "... let's call off operation one of us is crazy..." (0:55)

Mike screams, "I'm claustrophobic!"
Election worker: "Are you crazy?" (1:00)

Nitrous oxide leaks into Robbie’s police car, intoxicating Steve and Mike.
Mike tells Steve, "I'm stoned."
"The nitrous oxide's leaking into the car." (1:06)

Mike tells a motorcycle cop Steve is a "Raving psycho." (1:10)

Roger asks Al, "What, are you crazy?"
"Commit career suicide." (1:12)

Mike tells young football player Scott, "Get it right, moron." (1:21)