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Black Snake Moan

Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, Justin Timberlake, S. Epatha Merkerson, John Cothran Jr., David Banner, Michael Raymond-James, Adriane Lenox, Kim Richards, Neimus K. Williams
crack cocaine | marijuana | dextromethorphan | OxyContin | oxycodone
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Farmer Lazarus tells his wife Rose, “Maybe we can... come down to the church and get with one of them counselors.” (0:04)

Rae tells drug dealer Tehronne, “Save it for those dumb fuckers you sell crack to.” (0:09)

Batson asks Rae’s friend Jess, “You robotripping tonight?”
Jess: ”No, but I will smoke that joint.”
Batson: “I got 8 pack of DXM. I go Oxycontin... a whole shitload of Coricidin if you want to get out of body and all.”
Jess: “Coricidin?”
Rae asks Batson, “Hey, how many to get me fucked up?”
Rae swallows pills. (0:17)

Her soldier boyfriend Ronnie’s friend Gill tells Rae, referring to Tehronne, “He thinks he’s some player ‘cause he hustles dope...” (0:23)

Tehronne asks Lazarus, “You want some weed?”
Referring to Rae: “She gotta get dick, or she goes crazy.” (0:32)

Rae asks Lazarus, “You some kind of pervert, some crazy Jesus freak...?” (0:45)

Lazarus asks Rae, “Hell, girl, is you crazy?” (0:49)

His preacher friend R.L. asks Lazarus, “Are you out of your goddamn mind? (1:01)

Ronnie tells Gil, “Something happens when I get around loud noises. I get shaky and start to lose my breath. They call it anxiety, severe anxiety.” (1:08)

Gil tells Ronnie, “Anxiety spells you get, you never had that shit back in school.” (1:12)

Rae tells her mother Sandy, referring to a man who abused her in childhood, “I just think you should’ve kept him off me; that’s all.” (1:25)

Lazarus tells R.L., “That’s right, preacher, get me drunk...” (1:30)

Rae asks Lazarus, “You know how you feel when you come out of a bad hangover...?” (1:36)

Rae comforts Ronnie when he suffers a panic attack precipitated by noise from two large trucks. (1:48)