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CastJohn David Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harrier, Topher Grace, Ryan Eggold, Corey Hawkins, Paul Walter Hauser, Robert John Burke, Jasper Pääkkönen, Michael Buscemi, Ashlie Atkinson, muMs da Schemer, Michael J. Burg, Ken Garito
Year released2018
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Scene from Gone With the Wind (0:00)

Mr. Turrentine asks police officer prospect Ron Stallworth, “Ever done any drugs?”
Stallworth: ”Only those prescribed by my doctor, sir.” (0:05)

Police Chief Bridges asks police officer Stallworth, “What, like narcotics?” (0:08)

By telephone Bridges tells Stallworth, “Narcotic Division.” (0:11)

Det. Jimmy Creek asks Stallworth, “And what if someone offers you a marijuana cigarette?”
”You mean a joint?”
Stallworth: ”A Mary Jane?”
”Soul brother, I'm already high on life.” (0:13)

Sgt. Trapp tells Stallworth, “So you're a crazy son-of-a-bitch, huh? We have to go to narcotics...” (0:31)

Stallworth tells Black Student Union president Patrice, ... “I'm a black man who wants to get to know a strong, intelligent, beautiful sister.” (0:46)

Ku Klux Klan member Felix tells undercover detective Flip, “You are going to take this lie detector test.”
Flip: ”Are you high?”
Felix: ”I don't get high.” (0:51)

Police Sgt. Trapp: “Lie detector?” (0:54)

Movie posters: Hit Man, Cleopatra Jones, Coffy, then Shaft, Super Fly (1:02)

Flip tells Stallworth, “It's crazy you've been talking to David Duke.”
”Yeah, well, you don't have that little psychopath, Felix, staring at you, asking where you live.” (1:07)

KKK member Ivanhoe tells Flip, “Freaks out the Jew media...” (1:08)

By telephone David Duke asks Stallworth, “You ever seen Gone with the Wind?” (1:13)

By telephone KKK leader Walter tells someone, referring to Felix, “He's a crazy son-of-a-bitch” (1:15)

Stallworth tells Patrice, “You could sit in the middle of Nevada Avenue, light yourself on fire, The KKK will still be here.” (1:25)

Flip: “I didn't realize how nervous I was going to be.” (1:32)

Speaker Jerome Turner, referring to Jesse: “Today, you’d call him mentally retarded.”
” one of the reasons they had done that to Jesse was a movie called Birth of a Nation.”
Title screen from the film: ”The Birth of a Nation” (1:33)

KKK members watch a silent film. (1:40)

An ex-convict tells Felix's wife Connie, “Don't be nervous.” (1:47)

Ron tells the uniformed police officers, “Undercover cop, you... idiot.” (1:55)

Police Officer Landers: “Are you out of your mind?” (1:57)

Sgt. Trapp: “There's the crazy son-of-a-bitch.” (1:58)

Chief Bridges asks Stallworth, “How about narcotics?” (2:00)

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