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Blame It on Rio

Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna, Valerie Harper, Michelle Johnson, Demi Moore, José Lewgoy
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Scene from Flying Down to Rio (0:09)

His friend Victor Lyons tells Matthew Hollis, referring to the maid, "She's crazy about you." (0:13)

By telephone, his wife Karen tells Matthew, "I don't want to shock you, Matthew, but I have been thinking for years." (0:16)

Victor tells Matthew, referring to Rio, "This place can make you crazy." (0:20)

Matthew tells Victor's daughter Jennifer, "This is crazy."
Jennifer: ”Crazy’s wonderful. Crazy’s the best.”
Matthew: ”I'm too old for crazy.” (0:27)

Matthew: "You're never too old to be crazy." (0:29)

Matthew asks Jennifer, "Are you crazy?" (0:34)

Victor tells Matthew, "Fruta de canja, supposed to be an aphrodisiac." (0:38)

Jennifer tells Matthew, "You always have to worry about something." (0:45)

Victor tells Matthew, referring to Jennifer, "The kid’s got such good instincts." (0:56)

Jennifer: "It was like taking Crazy 1 and 2..." (0:57)

Matthew asks Jennifer, "Are you mad?"
”I'm supposed to find out who your lover is before it drives your father crazy.” (0:58)

Matthew tells Victor, referring to Jennifer, "All she said was that he was confused." (1:01)

Victor asks Matthew, "What do you think, I'm crazy?" (1:04)

Victor asks Matthew, "Are you nuts?" (1:07)

Matthew tells Jennifer, "Please, I'm getting over bereavement. Your father is out of his mind..." (1:11)

Restaurant owner Eduardo Marques tells Victor, "I am impotent." (1:15)

Victor tells Matthew, "You think I'm leaving my share of the groceries here, you're nuts."
”You'd have to be even more senile than you are not to care for her.”
Matthew: ”I am not senile. I'm crazy about her.”
Karen: ”Victor, stop acting like a maniac.”
Victor: ”Me, you want to hear maniac?”(1:22)

Victor, referring to Jennifer: "I had no idea she had any sleeping pills."
Doctor: ”Your daughter took an overdose of birth control pills.” (1:27)

Karen tells Jennifer, "I've got some sleeping pills if you'd like." (1:28)

Karen: "Don't panic, Victor." (1:34)

Reference in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead