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Blood Diamond

CastLeonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou
Year released2006
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Fisherman Solomon Vandy tells his son Dia, "Now get out of bed before I tan your behind with my fishing rod." (0:01)

Rebel Commander Rambo: "The Freetown government and their white masters have raped your land to feed their greed." (0:07)

Daniel “Danny” Archer tells pilot Nabil, "Don’t worry..." 
”Don’t worry...” (0:09)

Danny asks Commander Zero, "Are you crazy?" (0:11)

Solomon tells Rambo, "You’re mad." 
”You are crazy. You are crazy...” (0:19)

Danny tells journalist Maddy Bowen, "I’m shocked." (0:27)

Soldiers beat children. (0:34)

Danny asks Maddy, “You come here with your... malaria medicine...?” 
”... dreamy American girls...” (0:40)

Her driver answers Maddy, "No, no worries." (0:51)

A soldier strikes Solomon in the head with his rifle butt. (0:57)

Maddy asks Danny, referring to Solomon, "Do you think I’m exploiting his grief?..." (0:59)

Rambo, as he injects Dia’s arm, tells Dia, "This medicine will make you strong." (1:07)

Danny asks Maddy, "So you’re an action junkie, huh?" 
Maddy: ”... I prefer to be in a constant state of crisis...” (1:14)

Maddy asks Danny, "You lost both your parents?" 
Danny: ”Mum was raped and shot, and uh, Dad was decapitated and hung from a hook in the barn. I was nine...” (1:19)

Danny tells Benjamin Magi, "... They’ll panic." (1:21)

Maddy tells Danny, "You’re an idiot." (1:25)

Danny Solomon, "Don’t worry..." (1:32)

Solomon tells a villager, referring to Danny, "He is crazy for diamonds..." (1:35)

Danny tells Solomon, referring to Dia, "He is there with those crazy people." (1:36)

Solomon tells Danny, "I’m confused." 
Danny: ”I’ve got to quit smoking, huh?” (1:38)

Solomon strikes Rambo in the head with a shovel. (1:49)

Danny: "Time I quit smoking anyway, huh, Solomon?" (1:54)

Solomon: "You are Dia Vandy of the proud Mende tribe..." (1:56)

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