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Blue Jasmine

Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Louis C.K., Bobby Cannavale, Andrew Dice Clay, Sally Hawkins, Peter Sarsgaard, Michael Stuhlbarg, Tammy Blanchard, Max Casella, Alden Ehrenreich
nitrous oxide | lithium | Prozac | Xanax | fluoxetine | alprazolam
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Socialite Jasmine tells another passenger, “I mean they tried six different medications on me.” (0:02)

Jasmine tells the cab driver, “I just sometimes get where I can’t take a deep breath, and when I can it makes me panic, and it makes me even worse.” (0:04)

Jasmine's grocery clerk sister Ginger tells Jasmine, referring to one of her sons, “This kid's got... ADD?” (0:09)

Ginger’s ex-husband laborer Augie tells Ginger, “You were half in the bag the entire night.” (0:22)

Chili, Ginger's fiancé and an auto mechanic, tells her, “Well, you’re nuts.” (0:26)

Jasmine tells the others, referring to her husband, “For a year or two Hal became quite obsessed with thoroughbreds.” (0:27)

Ginger tells Chili, referring to Hal, “He’d still be doing time if he didn’t hang himself in his cell.”
Chili: “Strangle yourself to death?”
Jasmine: ”When you hang yourself, your neck breaks.” (0:29)

Chili tells Jasmine, “Ginger said you had a nervous breakdown.” (0:32)

Jasmine tells Ginger, referring to Chili, “His retarded boyfriend wanted a date, but he was too shy to ask.”
”I’d go nuts.” (0:32)

Jasmine tells Ginger, “I mean you can do better than Chili and his drunken loser friends.” (0:46)

Dentist Dr. Flicker asks Jasmine, “Have you ever gotten high on nitrous oxide?”
“It would remove your your inhibitions.“
Jasmine: “I don’t really have any inhibitions.” (0:49)

Hal asks Jasmine, “Are you nuts? Do you think if I was having an affair I’d be crazy enough to have it in public at the Four Seasons?” (0:52)

Diplomat Dwight tells Jasmine, “That must be incredibly stressful.” (0:57)

Ginger asks sound engineer Al, “Are you one of those sex addicts?” (0:59)

Jasmine tells Chili, “I was nervous about going to a party where I didn’t know anyone.”
”For some reason my Xanax isn’t kicking in.”
Ginger tells Chili, ”Look what you did, you drunken...” (1:01)

Ginger’s son Matthew tells Jasmine, “Mom said you used to be okay, but you got crazy.”
Jasmine: ”That’s right boys, they picked me up off the streets talking to myself and gave me Edison’s medicine.”
”Because they use electricity to get you thinking straight... You know, I started experiencing anxiety and claustrophobia and this acute fear of death. You know, I had, uh, nightmares and a nervous breakdown. I mean, you must have heard of Prozac and lithium. Well, all those drugs just made me worse... you’d have to be an idiot... I just flipped out.” (1:10)

Dwight asks Jasmine, “You always take Xanax for a headache?“ (1:13)

Chili tells Ginger, referring to Jasmine, “She’s cuckoo baby.” (1:14)

Ginger tells Jasmine, referring to her perfume, “I’m always nervous it’ll wear off.” (1:15)

Ginger’s ex-husband mover Augie tells Jasmine, “I think he’s finally over Hal’s suicide.”
Dwight asks Jasmine, “Hal’s suicide?” (1:21)

Jasmine asks Hal, “Are you crazy?”
”Are you out of your mind... I mean, are you crazy?” (1:25)

Hal’s son Danny tells Jasmine, “I’m off drugs.” (1:29)

Jasmine tells Ginger and Chili, “I’m sorry. I’m not in a celebratory mood.” (1:30)