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Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice

CastNatalie Wood, Robert Culp, Elliott Gould, Dyan Cannon, Donald Muhich
Year released1969
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Encounter group member Toby: "Maybe I feel I’m a little nervous." (0:06)

Carol Sanders quotes another encounter group member: "I’m impotent."
Her attorney friend Ted Henderson tells Carol’s filmmaker husband Bob, ”I don’t want to offend you, but the majority of my day isn’t spent in ruminating about your hair.” (0:15)

Bob tells Carol, referring to his relationship with a production assistant, "Affair’s the wrong word." (0:28)

Ted’s wife Alice tells the others, "Sue’s little boy is seeing a therapist."
Bob smokes marijuana in a bong and shares it with the others.
Ted: ”Is this Acapulco Gold?”
Bob: ”This is beautiful downtown Burbank brown.”
Alice: ”I never get high.”
”I never get high”
Carol: ”Well I am totally and completely zonked out of my skull.”
Alice: ”I never get high.”
”Potful, pot.”
Alice tells Ted, ”Sweetheart, I told you about this phobia.”
Junkie, come on.” (0:33)

Carol tell Alice and Ted, "Bob had an affair when he was in San Francisco... It wasn’t an affair..." (0:40)

Alice tells Ted, "I had the same feeling when mother died."
Ted, referring to Bob telling Carol about the the non-affair, ”It’s not the most intelligent thing to do.”
Alice: ”Baby, I’m just not in the mood at all, okay?”
Ted: ”I feel so nervous.”
”Alice, I’m still high...”
”Were you in the mood before you found out? ‘Cause I was in the mood then... were you in the mood then?”
”I really was in the mood...”
Alice: ”I know that you are in the mood.”
”You’re all tense.” (0:42)

Party guest: "Bob thinks he’s shooting Gone With the Wind." (0:55)

Alice in psychotherapy session: ”That was a Freudian slip... I got nervous...”
”Ted is a very nervous man.” (1:00)

Carol tells Alice, "... I still think you’re crazy..." (1:06)

Ted tells Bob, "... I had this terrible feeling of ambivalence..." (1:09)

Carol tells Bob, "I’m having an affair."
”I’m having an affair.”
”Actually, affair is the wrong word.”
Bob: ”Why couldn’t you have called me and said, ‘’Bob, I want to have an affair. Please, can I have an affair?’”
Insight... Insight.” (1:14)

Ted tells the others, "Hey, I’m really getting drunk... Crocked.”
Alice: ”One thing I think I’ve learned in therapy is that I must not impose my values on the world...”
Bob: ”Carol had an affair.”
Ted: ”I had an affair.”
”I had an affair.”
”I had an affair when I was in Miami. I had an affair when I was in Miami, Alice.”
”You’re flipping.”
Carol tells Alice: ”I think you’re being completely psychoanalytical.”
Ted tells Alice, ”You’re just being perverse. I had no right having an affair.”
Carol: ”Insight.” (1:25)

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