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Body Double

Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Gregg Henry, Deborah Shelton, Guy Boyd, Dennis Franz, David Haskell, Rebecca Stanley, Al Israel, Lane Davies
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Graveyard. (0:00)

Actor Jake freezes with panic while filming a scene playing a vampire in a coffin. (0:01)

Bartender Doug tells Jake, “You quit drinking, remember?” (0:06)

With a telescope Jake and his actor friend Sam watch naked neighbor Gloria dance. (0:20)

Director Rubin tells Jake, “I got no time to fuck around with a claustrophobic vampire who freezes every time he lies down in the coffin.”
Jake: “I’m not claustrophobic.”
Rubin: “Stage fright?” (0:27)

Jake watches Gloria in her changing room at a store. (0:36)

Jake becomes anxious in a crowded elevator. (0:40)

Jake becomes anxious in a tunnel. (0:48)

A jogger asks Jake, “Are you crazy?” (1:01)

Detective McLean tells Jake, “I mean you’re my only witness to this murder, and you’re a peeper. In my book, that’s a pervert and a sex offender.”
”Maybe you were... trying to freak her out...”
”You peep on her. You follow her.” (1:06)

Adult film star Linda tells interviewer Sid, “That’s Bold Obsession.”
Sid: ”Bold Obsession. Tell us, Linda, what is your bold obsession?”
Linda: “Well, Sid... I am a bit of an expositionist.”
”Do you mean exhibitionist?”
Linda: ”Yes, exhibitionist.”
Sid: “Exhibitionist.” (1:11)

A stage hand tells adult film director Corso, “I thought we were doing Body Talk here, not Last Tango.” (1:21)

Adult film star Holly tells Jake, “I do not do S and M.” (1:23)

Jake tells Holly, “Well, I think that one of my crazy friends has played a little practical joke on me.”
”One of my crazy friends set this thing up...”
Holly: “... he had this friend who got off on peeping.”
”Are you crazy?” (1:28)

Holly: “Masochistic directors.” (1:33)

By telephone McLean tells Jake, “Scully, you sound like one of those conspiracy nuts.”
“It sounds crazy to me.” (1:35)

Jake calls a traffic cop, “You... idiot.” (1:37)

Sam tells Jake, who panics as he begins to bury him, “A terrible way to die, especially when you’re so claustrophobic.”
Imagining he’s back on the set in the coffin, Jake tells Rubin, “I’m a little claustrophobic.”
He crawls back into the coffin. (1:43)

Holly tells Jake, “You’re one of those necrophiliacs...”
Jake: “Holly, I know this all seems crazy...” (1:48)