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Bohemian Rhapsody

Rami Malek, Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee, Joseph Mazzello, Allen Leech , Lucy Boynton, Mike Myers, Aaron McCusker, Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander, Meneka Das, Ace Bhatti, Max Bennett
Michael Jackson
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Lead guitarist Brian tells drummer Roger, “Don't be drunk.”
Band manager John: ”You look a bit nervous, Brian.” (0:21)

Roger: “It's a metaphor, Brian.”
Lead singer Freddie: “Roger, there's only room in this band for one hysterical Queen.” (0:38)

Freddie tells Brian, “I know, it sounds crazy.” (0:40)

Freddie tells DJ Kenny, “You'd have to be mad to play it.”
Kenny: ” Oh, you'd have to be bonkers.” (0:48)

Freddie tells his fiance Mary, “I think I'm bisexual.” (0:54)

Freddie tells the partiers, “The time has finally come to get absolutely shit-faced.” (1:02)

Manager John tells Freddie, “Michael Jackson, not the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson.”
”Freddie, you are high.” (1:12)

Brian asks Freddie, “Are you high again?” (1:15)

A reporter tells Freddie, “There's lots of pictures of you in the tabloids looking drunk or ill. Which is it, ill or drunk?” (1:19)

Brian tells Freddie, “It's America. They’re Puritans in public, perverts in private.”
Freddie tells Roger, “... Whose idea, I believe, it was to dress up in drag... crazy cross-dressing Freddie... (1:23)

Freddie tells Mary, “Being human is a condition that requires a little anesthesia.” (1:29)

Paul tells a television host about Freddie's “... wild, drug-fueled parties...” (1:36)

Roger tells the others, “It's kinda suicide to play again for the first time in front of Millions.” (1:42)