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Bone Tomahawk

Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins, Lili Simmons, Evan Jonigkeit, Kathryn Morris, Sid Haig, David Arquette, Fred Melamed
ethyl alcohol-powdered opium
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Arthur tells his wife, the doctor’s assistant, Samantha, “It’s instinct.” (0:14)

Bartender tells patron Buddy (actually Purvis), “You look like you could use something potent...”
Sheriff Hunt asks Purvis, “You aren’t mute, are you? (0:14)

Samantha asks John, “And Doc Taylor’s in his cups?” (0:20)

Samantha tells Purvis, “I gave you some tincture of opium.” (0:27)

The mayor’s wife tells the mayor, “This is suicide.” (0:38)

Chicory places flowers on his wife’s grave in a graveyard. (0:40)

John: “Are any of you somnambulists?”
Hunt: “He means sleepwalker.” (0:45)

Hunt asks Arthur, “With that tincture of opium?”
Arthur tells Chicory, ”Give it back you dumb imbecile.”
Chicory: “My wife used to call me a dumb imbecile all the time.” (0:54)

Chicory gives Arthur a sip of tincture of opium. (1:17)

Samantha tells Hunt, referring to Purvis, “They ate him.” (1:34)

Samantha tells Hunt and Chicory, “This is why frontier life is so difficult... because of the idiots.”
”You’re idiots!”
Chicory, referring to the flask, “Yeah, but it’s got tincture in it.”
Samantha: “You have tincture of opium?” (1:39)

Arthur: “Son of a bitch tincture.” (1:42)

Chicory, referring to a troglodyte, “That dumb imbecile, he doesn’t know how to reload!” (1:57)