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Book Club: The Next Chapter

CastDiane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Giancarlo Giannini, Andy García, Don Johnson
Year released2023
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Book Club

Retired judge Sharon: "... If I wanted to read a story of a woman trapped at home, slowly going crazy, I would’ve read my own diaries..." (0:05)

By telephone, Diane tells the others, "I was worried there was a theme." (0:14)

Diane tells her lover Mitchell, "Which is, you know, a little bit nuts."
”But it’s also nuts.” (0:15)

Sharon: "Nic Cage, Moonstruck." (0:19)

Carol, referring to her husband Bruce: "Is he insane?" (0:19)

Diane asks Carol, "Are you nuts?" (0:24)

Carol tells the others, "I was so nervous that we’d been robbed." (0:30)

Sharon asks Diane, "Are you nuts?" (0:31)

The police chief answers Diane: ”I don’t typically make it a habit to go through a lady’s belongings.” (0:32)

Sharon asks retired professor Ousmane, "What kind of fool do you take me for?" (0:36)

By telephone, Carol tells Bruce, "No, I'm just saying you need to keep stress to a minimum." (0:37)

Carol: "This is crazy..."
”This is crazy.” (0:44)

Vivian tells Diane, "It’s crazy."
”You’re drunk.”
”... you’re definitely drunk.” (0:49)

Chef Gianni tells Carol, "Of all of the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. Casablanca."
”... not worrying about, uh, yesterday...” (0:51)

Carol asks Diane, "Are you nuts?"
”... his crazy, broken English...”
Sharon: ”Best friends, tough love.”
You can’t handle the truth.” (1:00)

Vivian tells Diane, "... we don’t need to get panicky..."
Carol: ”Maybe a little in shock...” (1:04)

Sharon: "Best friends, tough love."
Carol: ”Best friends, tough love.”
Sharon: ”Do my tough love.”
Carol: ”It’s from Casablanca.” (1:09)

Diane drops her husband’s ashes over Florence. (1:16)

Wedding organizer Pasquale: "No worries." (1:18)

Vivian: "Why do I feel so nervous?" (1:21)

Vivian: "This is crazy." (1:23)

Sharon: "Well, here we all are, which is shocking...It’s shocking because I’ve known this woman since we were 19 years old..." (1:28)

Sharon: "Diane, you crazy person, do you take Mitchell...?"
”And, Mitchell, do you take Diane and all her delightful insanity...?” (1:36)

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