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Borderland (2007)

Brian Presley, Rider Strong, Jake Muxworthy, Beto Cuevas, Martha Higareda, Sean Astin, Damián Alcázar, Marco Bacuzzi, Roberto Sosa, Humberto Busto, Francesca Guillen
cocaine | marijuana | psilocin | psilocybin | sertraline | Zoloft
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Henry tells his friend Phil, "That’s because your head’s been filled with all that whack fire-and-brimstone shit."
”It’s not whack, Henry.” (0:12)

Phil tells Ed, "Hey, stop worrying..."
Ed tells Henry, ”You... maniac.”
Henry: ”Worry wart.”
”You want a Zoloft?... I insist you... go a little nuts, okay?” (0:13)

Henry tells Ed, "I’m getting out of pharmaceuticals." (0:15)

Ingesting a mushroom, Henry tells bartender Valeria, referring to her cousin Lupe, "Tell her that ‘shrooms are nature’s way of saying high."
Ed tells Valeria, ”I’m really not big on hallucinogens.” (0:25)

Putting a joint in his mouth, Henry asks the others, "You guys want to get stoned?" (0:25)

Ed tells Phil, "Dude, you’re tripping." (0:28)

Ed and Valeria wander through a cemetery.
Ed: ”It’s not depressing at all.”
Valeria: ”I think you’re high.” (0:28)

Phil tells a man, "I’m peaking." (0:31)

Ed tells Henry, "That’s why I don’t ‘shroom." (0:34)

A policeman tells former detective Ulises, "The border has no memory." (0:40)

A policeman tells Ed and Henry, "Don’t worry."
Henry asks Ed, referring to Phil and Phil’s parents, ”... tell them we let him wander off high on ‘shrooms to find a hooker?” (0:40)

Ed tells Henry, "Look, don’t get paranoid." (0:46)

Lupe tell the others, "The drug runners on the farm, they are followers of Palo Myombe..." (0:51)

Ulises tells the others, "Before Santillan smuggles his drugs to the north he makes his trucks invisible to the border police." (0:59)

Henry tells Ed, "If you ask me, you’re... crazy..." (1:02)

Title: "Four kilos of uncut cocaine were discovered by Mexican authorities..." (1:39)