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Bound (2015)

Charisma Carpenter, Daniel Baldwin, Terrell Owens, Bryce Draper
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Real estate broker Michelle Mulan’s teenage daughter Dara tells Michelle, referring to wine, "I’ll just get some old perv to get it for me like normal." (0:05)

Ryan Black answers Michelle, "Nothing too crazy, yet." (0:08)

Michelle tells her boyfriend George, "Work’s been kind of crazy."
George: ”I know you’ve been stressed out because of work and everything else...” (0:16)

Ryan tells Michelle, "Pain is pleasure."
Michelle: ”You’re crazy. Crazy.” (0:33)

Ryan tells MIchelle, "You are submissive, and I am dominant." (0:35)

Michelle tells Ryan, "So crazy."
Ryan: ”Don’t worry.” (0:41)

Executive Preston: "Michelle, are you drunk?" (0:51)

Dara asks Michelle, "Are you drunk?"
”You are drunk.” (0:52)

Michelle watches a video. MIstress Alana: "Simple spanking is, in my opinion, the most effective way to introduce erotic pain to a submissive... If a good dominant knows anything, it’s the importance of safety and consent." (0:53)

Her father Walter tells Michelle, referring to Ryan, "A drug dealing car thief in front of our colleagues?"
”You had sex with someone in the bathroom at the Alzheimer’s fund raiser.” (0:55)

Michelle asks Ryan, "Have you ever been a submissive?"
Ryan, referring to Alana: ”She’s a psychopath.” (1:02)

Title: "Fetish"
Sales clerk: ”You would have subs lined up around the block.” (1:04)

A woman tells Michelle, "You’re Ryan’s sub."
Another woman asks Michelle, ”Would you like to help administer some medicine to the patient?”
”Oh, our patient is more than happy to help train a student.” (1:04)

Michelle tells Ryan, "Well, don’t worry." (1:18)