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Boy (2010)

James Rolleston, Te Aho Eketone-Whitu, Taika Waititi, Moerangi Tihore, Haze Rewiti, Rajvinder Eria,Cherilee Martin, Mavis Panga
marijuana | Michael Jackson
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Boy: “My favorite person is Michael Jackson.” (0:01)

Boy describes his brother Rocky: “He thinks he’s got powers.” Is Rocky delusional?
“Yesterday my Nan went away to a funeral.” (0:02)

Boy's friend Dynasty tends her father's marijuana grow. (0:03)

Rocky at a cemetery by his mom's grave. (0:10)

Boy's father Alamein wears a vest with "Crazy Horses" written on the back. (0:18)

With Rocky newly born, his mother has died, and Nan and Alamein grieve. (0:19)

Boy tells Rocky, referring to "Wierdo,"
"There's the mental fellow." (0:20)

Boy asks Alamein, "What's the Crazy Horses?"
Alamein's friend mocks him: "Yeah, Crazy Horses." (0:22)

Alamein smokes a joint.
Kids in the marijuana grow. (0:23)

Drawing of a marijuana leaf on a bridge column behind Rocky above the word "HERB." (0:27)

Rocky tells Wierdo he killed his mother with his powers "when I was getting born." (0:28)

Boy gives Alamein a marijuana bud. (0:30)

Alamein rolls and lights a joint. (0:32)

Alamein lights a joint. (0:34)

Boy harvests a bud for Alamein. (0:43, 0:44)

Dynasty tells Boy, "This car smells like marijuana. You shouldn't smoke it. You'll end up like all the rest of them dopeheads around here, laughing at nothing and crying at everything." (0:46)

Alamein tells Nan on the phone, "They're too young to be Crazy Horses." (0:48)

Alamein visits the cemetery. (0:58)

Boy and Rocky watch as Alamein harvests marijuana. (1:01)

Alamein and his friends "bag" the marijuana. (1:02)

Alamein and his friends share a roach. (1:03)

Boy smokes a joint. (1:04)

Alamein rages. (1:11)

Boy lets himself fall over the rail of a bridge. Suicide attempt? (1:12)

Rocky and Boy find Alamein by their mother's grave. (1:20)