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Boy Meets Girl (2014)

Michael Welch, Michelle Hendley, Alexandra Turshen, Michael Galante, Randall Newsome, Joseph Ricci, Elizabeth Ward Land, Christopher McHale
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Ricky tells her friend Robby, "Oh, come on, now you're just being an idiot."
"He had it comin'... pervert."
A man exposes himself.
Ricky exposes herself to him. (0:06)

Ricky texts Francesca, "I'm a transgender girl."
"I'm a transsexual."
"It's just I wish I'd been born a genetic girl."
Ricky tells Robby, "You idiot, my hair." (0:11)

Ricky's mechanic father Hank tells her brother Sam, "It means I have a deep and insightful knowledge about many things..." (0:16)

Francesca's fiance David asks her, referring to Ricky, "The tranny?" (0:17)

Ricky quotes her doctor to Francesca: "He'll be like, 'So, we're giving you testosterone, right?'"
Referring to Sam: "Our mom died when he was one." (0:25)

Ricky makes a video of herself holding signs: "I've been anorexic. I've taken drugs. I've cut myself." (0:31)

Robby tells Ricky, "Marines are nuts."
"Are you... retarded right now?"
"Confused gay chat rooms or something."(0:32)

Ricky tells Francesca, "It make me feel claustrophobic."(0:38)

Francesca tells Ricky, "There was this one time when I was fifteen and drunk at boardin' school..."
Ricky: "I don't want to be a mood killer..." (0:41)

David asks Francesca, referring to Ricky, if she was with "The tranny?"
"Findin' my fiancee doin' a YouTube video with a tranny is a cakewalk."
Francesca: "She is a transgender girl..."
Francesca's mother Helen: "I am confused, honey."
David: "It's a transvestite..." (0:55)

Helen tells Ricky, "... transgender just sounds so ugly." (1:01)

Sam shows Robby more of Ricky's video: "I've thought of killing myself before." (1:14)

Ricky tells Robby, "If you thought I was crazy or something, I'd be all alone."
Robby: "You are not confused at all... It just made me crazy."
Ricky: "Since the day you ran away from that pervert..."
Robby: "Okay, mood killer." (1:18)

Ricky asks Robby, "Are you freaked out?" (1:22)

Ricky's video continues: "So please write me if you ever feel Down and think of hurting yourself."
”And I'll remined [sic] you what you forgot"
"That you are Perfect in every Way Sweet Boy!"
"or girl!" (1:37)