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CastEllar Coltrane, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, Lorelei Linklater
Year released2014
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Samantha tells her father Mason, “You and Mom were fighting like mad.” (0:18)

Professor Dr. Bill Welbrock: “Okay, an unconditioned stimulus, something that produces an unlearned involuntary unconditioned response. Now, in Pavlov’s experiment, what was the stimulus that he used?... Put the meat powder in there, and it produced an unconditioned response in the dog which was? Salivation... Now who can give me another example of an unconditioned stimulus-response pair that happens to you every day? It’s probably happening to some of you right now... 'Oh, when they call your name, I salivate like a Pavlov dog.'” (0:22)

Bill hides a bottle of liquor. (0:31)

Olivia tells Samantha, “But it doesn’t suck half as much as having a drunk fool slam your head against a wall...” (0:53)

Mason Sr. tells Samantha, “Somebody’s scored a keg.” (1:03)

Mason tells student Jill his mother teaches “Psychology, I think.”
Jill, referring to Courtney, “Anyway, she cut one of her wrists...” (1:13)

Olivia lectures to her class: “And then he in turn was supported strongly by Harry Harlow’s rhesus monkey study... B F Skinner’s classical and instrumental conditioning. Now Bowlby’s gonna argue that human survival depends on us falling in love... So next week we’re going to get into Bowlby’s four stages of attachment.” (1:15)

Olivia asks Samantha, “Do you want to be... or... a self-centered narcissist?” (1:17)

A guy passes a joint to Mason. (1:26)

His photography teacher Mr. Turlington tells Mason, “There are too many talented people who are willing to work hard and a boatload of morons who are untalented...” (1:44)

Mason tells his girlfriend Sheena, “I read this thing the other day about how like when you hear that ding on your inbox you get a dopamine rush in your brain... allowing ourselves to be brainwashed.” (2:01)

His teacher empathizes with Mason: “Yeah, kind of that voluptuous panic.”
”It’s gonna be crazy good.” (2:11)

His father tells Mason, “It means don't hand over the controls to your self-esteem to Sheila.”
Mason: “It would have saved me that parade of drunken assholes.” (2:24)

Olivia recalls to Mason “The time when I thought you were dyslexic.” (2:32)

Barb places a mushroom in Mason’s mouth. (2:36)

Nicole tells Mason, “Dalton can be crazy sometime.” (2:37)

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