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Boys Don't Cry

Hilary Swank, Chloë Sevigny, Peter Sarsgaard, Brendan Sexton III, Alicia Goranson, Alison Folland, Jeannetta Arnette, Rob Campbell, Matt McGrath, Cheyenne Rushing
lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | whipped cream charger | nitrous oxide
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Lonny tells cousin Brandon, a woman dressed as a man, “You look like a... idiot in that hat.” (0:02)

Brandon tells Lonny by telephone, “That shit’s insane. You gotta see shrinks. You gotta shoot hormones up you butt...” (0:12)

One of the girls tells Brandon, referring to a truck driver, “He’s a psycho killer anyways.” (0:17)

Tom tells Brandon, “People like you don’t need drugs. You just hallucinate 24 hours a day.”
John tells Brandon, “You’re one crazy little...” (0:19)

Lana tells Brandon, “I’m so wasted. I’m never gonna come down.”
”I feel like I’m on acid.” (0:24)

Kate: “Welcome to the psycho ward.”
Tom tells Brandon and Lana, referring to John, “Doctors say he ain’t got no impulse control.” (0:44)

Tom shows Brandon how he can hold his hand in a fire, then he draws a knife point across his chest: “This helps me snap back into reality.” (0:45)

Lana tells Brandon, “I just got off work, and I’m having a nervous breakdown.”
Referring to Candace, “You know she’s obsessed with finding a husband.”
”You don’t have to be sober to weigh spinach.” (0:47)

Lonny asks Brandon, “Before or after your sex change operation?” (0:52)

Kate smokes a glass waterpipe, shares it with Candace. (0:57)

Lana tells John, “You’re like a stalker.” (1:03)

Kate huffs from a whipped cream can. (1:10)

Brandon tells Lana, “Oh, this place is crazy.”
”I’m a hermaphrodite... Brandon’s more like a she.” (1:11)

John reads a brochure: “Crossdressers and transsexuals.” (1:16)

Lana tells Brandon, “This is a nuthouse.”
Brandon: “I have this thing, and I’ve been to counseling.”
Lana tells Tom, “Get out of my house with your sick psycho brain!” (1:17)

Brandon tells the Sheriff, “I have a sexual identity crisis.” (1:34)

Tom tells John, “You’re paranoid.” (1:38)

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