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This Boy's Life

Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Barkin, Jonah Blechman, Eliza Dushku, Chris Cooper, Carla Gugino, Zachary Ansley, Tracey Ellis, Kathy Kinney, Tobey Maguire
Jack London | nicotine
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Toby, referring to Caroline: “After my mother was beaten up by her boyfriend we got in the Nash...” (0:01)

Caroline tells her boyfriend Dwight, referring to Toby, “It’s silly, but he read those Jack London books.” (0:17)

His school principal asks Toby, “Is that nicotine stains on your fingers?” (0:35)

Toby tells Dwight, “I look like an idiot.”
Dwight: ”You act like an idiot.” (0:46)

Caroline tells Dwight, “But that’s crazy.” (0:50)

Theater marquis: “Island of Lost Women” (1:06)

Arthur tells Toby, referring to Toby’s friends, “They’re idiots. You act like an idiot when you’re around them.” (1:06)

Caroline tells Dwight and Toby, “I will not referee.” (1:10)

Dwight beats Toby. (1:18)

Theater marquis: “The Wrong Man.” (1:20)

One of Toby’s friends tells the other, “Psycho, shut up.” (1:20)

His schoolmate Arthur tells Toby, “You act more like those morons you hang around with every day. Hey, I’m Psycho. I’m retarded.”
”You don’t act like Psycho.” (1:26)

Arthur tells Toby, “I think I’ll stay here all alone and dress up in my mama’s old clothes sometimes.” (1:31)

Toby tells his friend, “Tell me something, Psycho.”
”It’s my point, Psycho.” (1:35)

Toby tells Caroline, “I got the scholarship, and he went nuts. “He’s crazy, and I’m leaving.” (1:46)