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Boys on the Side

CastWhoopi Goldberg, Mary-Louise Parker, Drew Barrymore, Matthew McConaughey, James Remar, Billy Wirth, Anita Gillette, Dennis Boutsikaris, Estelle Parsons, Amy Aquino, Stan Egi
Year released1995
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A piano mover tells singer Jane, “They got some real crazy bastards out there in California.” (0:07)

Realtor Robin tells Jane, referring to Robin’s brother, “He died of cancer when he was six.” (0:09)

Robin tells Jane, “The Way We Were is on, Robert Redford, Barbra Streisand. The Way We Were.” (0:12)

Her friend Holly tells Jane, referring to her partner, “Nick’s in a mood.”
Nick rages.
Jan:e: ”I thought you said he was clean.”
Holly: “He has nine months in N.A.; he’s just dealing, but then he has a drink and he gets confused.” (0:17)

Poster on Holly’s wall: “Hendrix.” (0:18)

Jane asks Holly, “Are you crazy?” (0:20)

Robin: “There’s drugs everywhere.”
Jane: “We’re not taking drug money on the road with us.”
”... and we are not taking drugs on the road with us...” (0:21)

Jane tells Hollty and Robin, I’m not going over a cliff for you two.” (0:23)

Holly tells Jane, “A lot of that back there was drugs.” (0:24)

Holly tells a store clerk, “Like Dance Fever was my favorite.” (0:25)

Robin tells Jane, “Adrenaline.” (0:25)

Jane tells Robin, referring to Holly, “She gives us all a bad name with that ‘I’m addicted to a bad guy’ stuff.” (0:28)

Robin reads a newspaper headline: “Drug Dealer Found Dead.” (0:28)

Jane tells Robin, “That’s ‘cause you’re free, Miss Scarlett.” (0:54)

Holly smokes a joint.
Her cop friend Abe tells her, “Smells like marijuana out here.” (1:01)

Robin tells bartender Alex, “I’m a little drunk.”
Alex: “I want to meet someone... get drunk...” (1:04)

Robin’s mother Elaine asks her, referring to Holly, “is she crazy?” (1:15)

Elaine tells Robin, “When we lost Tommy, well your father just couldn’t live with that... It’s not right losing your children.” (1:24)

Robin sees Tommy outside a window. (1:38)

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