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Boys Town

Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney, Henry Hull, Leslie Fenton, Gene Reynolds, Edward Norris, Addison Richards, Minor Watson, Jonathan Hale, Bobs Watson
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Condemned prisoner Dan asks the judge, “Where was the state when a lonely starving kid cried himself to sleep in a flophouse with a bunch of drunks...?” (0:05)

Father Flanagan tells the bishop, “I know that a mother can take a whip to the toughest boy in the world and he forgets it because he knows that she loves him.” (0:13)

Shopkeeper Dave tells Flanagan, “It’s crazy.” (0:24)

Flanagan tells publisher John, “This boy saw his mother being brutally beaten by a drunken father so he took a gun and killed him. Suppose a man kills because his wife’s been unfaithful. Temporary insanity.” (0:32)

Mo tells Whitey, “Now you just ruminate about those big plans.” (0:51)

The doctor tells Flanagan, referring to Pee Wee, “Unless there’s a concussion he’ll be alright.” (1:14)

Flanagan asks the boys, “Haven’t I troubles enough without all of you going crazy?”
Paul: ”We're not crazy father.” (1:26)