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Boyz n the Hood

Laurence Fishburne, Ice Cube, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Tyra Ferrell, Angela Bassett, Meta King, Whitman Mayo
Ronald Reagan | cocaine | crack cocaine
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"Them niggas around the corner tripped out, man." (0:00)

Posters: "REAGAN BUSH ‘84" (0:01)

By telephone, teacher Ms. Olaf, referring to Jason 'Tre' Styles III, tells Tre’s mother Reva Devereaux: "As I was saying, he’s highly intelligent."
”Perhaps I could recommend therapy or a child psychologist.” (0:05)

Reva tells Tre, "I just don’t want to see you end up... a drunk, standing in front of one of these liquor stores." (0:07)

A police officer tells Tre’s father Jason 'Furious' Styles Jr., "Be one less nigger out here in the streets we have to worry about." (0:16)

Tre’s neighbor Darren 'Doughboy' Baker tells the others, referring to a man’s body, "Look like Freddy Krueger got him." (0:21)

Furious tells Tre, "All my friends was dropping out of high school, hanging out in front of liquor stores, getting drunk, getting high." (0:26)

Doughboy tells his friend Dooky, "I heard you be gettin’ that dopehead pussy."
”... them dopeheads, you stupid-ass nigga.”
Dooky: ”Don’t be... no dopeheads.” (0:31)

Tre tells a driver, "Don’t worry about it." (0:36)

Sheryl asks Tre, "You got some blow? You got some rock?" (0:37)

Tre tells Furious, "Don’t worry." (0:40)

Old man: "It’s these folk, shooting each other and selling that crack rock and shit."
Furious: ”Well how do you think crack gets into the country?... black people selling the rock, pushing the rock.”
”They want us to kill ourselves... they want us to kill ourselves.” (1:05)

A police officer asks Tre, "Got any drugs or weapons on you?" (1:12)

Tre rages. (1:14)

Doughboy: "Punk might start trippin’." (1:21)

Ricky tells Tre, referring to Doughboy, "End up dealing ‘caine, just like him." (1:25)

Ricky tells Tre, "Ah, man, if i win this lottery, I won’t have to worry about a damn thing. Don’t have to worry about no colleges, no 700 on no SATs..." (1:26)

Tre holds him as Ricky dies.
Doughboy and the others grieve. (1:29)

Grief overcomes Shanice then Ricky’s mother Brenda. (1:30)

Furious tells Brandi, "Don’t worry." (1:33)

Ferris asks another gangster, "Why you worried about it, fool?" (1:38)

Monster tells Dooky, referring to Doughboy, "This mother...’s crazy." (1:39)

Doughboy appears to sell drugs to another man. (1:43)

Sheryl asks Doughboy, "You got some blow? Got some rock?" (1:45)

Title: "The next day Doughboy saw his brother buried. Two weeks later he was murdered." (1:47)

References in Straight Outta Compton, Swingers (1996)