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Brain Damage

CastRick Hearst, Jennifer Lowry, Gordon MacDonald
Year released1988
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Martha Ackerman tells her husband Morris, "I was worried." 
Morris, referring to a deceased person: ”God I miss Gottlieb.” (0:01)

Wormlike monster (Aylmer): "This is the start of your new life, Brian... without worry or pain or loneliness... filled instead with... euphoria..." 
Brian: ”... I’m confused...” 
Aylmer: ”Then don’t worry about it. You don’t need to worry about anything ever again. I’ll do all your thinking for you.”
The parasite appears to inject a blue liquid into Brian’s brain. (0:13)

Brian’s girlfriend Barbara tells Brian’s brother and roommate Mike, "Guess I shouldn’t have worried." (0:17)

Euphoric, Brian experiences visual hallucinations. (0:18)

Aylmer appears to eat the security guard’s brain
Aylmer injects Brian. (0:22)

Brian tells Barbara, "Sometimes, everything glows with a different kind of light... I can touch an object and listen to the sound of it’s color. I can hear voices and music in the flicker of a match..." 
Barbara: ”You’re on drugs, right?” 
Brian sees meatballs as pulsating brains. (0:27)

Aylmer injects Brian. (0:31)

A woman club patron tells Brian, "You’re f....d-up, aren’t you?" (0:33)

The woman tells Brian, "... don’t pass out on me now." 
Alymer takes part of the woman’s brain. (0:36)

Morris tells Brian, "You fool..." 
Brian: ”You’re crazy.” 
”You’re out of your mind.” (0:39)

Aylmer tells Brian, referring to Morris, "Aw, stupid old fool..." 
Brian: ”... I don’t remember where I went or who I met or what I did...” 
Aylmer: ”You really don’t remember any of it?” 
”I thought you meant getting high.” 
”Oh, don’t worry, Brian...” 
Referring to Brian’s apparent withdrawal symptoms: ”You know the pain is going to get so big that only my juice will stop it...” (0:45)

Aylmer, referring to Brian’s hallucinations: "Uh oh, Brian, now you’re really losing your mind." (0:49)

Mike tells Barbara, "Yeah, Dad called... He sounded really worried." (1:00)

Aylmer injects Brian with results similar to before. (1:04)

Brian tells Barbara and Michael, referring to Aylmer, "... I need his juice... If I’m high, I won’t know the difference." (1:06)

Brian experiences psychedelic sensory disturbance. (1:09)

Barbara tells Brian, "... You’re killing yourself..." (1:11)

Morris tells Martha, referring to Aylmer, "Give him to me, you stupid fool." (1:14)

Aylmer injects Brian’s brain. (1:18)

Brian holds the muzzle of a pistol to his head. A gunshot sounds off camera. (1:20)

Metaphor for addiction?

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