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Brainstorm (1983)

Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Cliff Robertson, Louise Fletcher, Jordan Christopher, Jason Lively, Alan Fudge
Bruce Joel Rubin | chlorpromazine
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Hal, referring to Gordy: “What’s he been smoking?” (0:05)

Lillian tells Alex, “Well Hal’s crazy.” (0:13)

Karen asks Michael, “Are you crazy?” (0:34)

A woman tells Gordy, “You’re crazy.” (0:35)

Karen tells Michael, “I’m crazy about you.” (0:45)

Hal tells Michael, “Hell, the good folks at the lab are paying me disability leave of indeterminate duration.” (0:51)

Memorial service for Lillian. (0:58)

Doctor in the background: “Chlorpromazine?” (1:06)

Michael reads from the computer screen: “Trauma... Negative Memory... Psychotic episode?” (1:16)

Marks: “It will be the result of your subconscious fears transformed to your conscious awareness... can... result in severe trauma.” (1:18)

Michael tells Karen, “I just found a tape of some kind of psychotic episode.” (1:20)

Dr. Pederson tells Karen and Michael, “This boy has had a serious psychotic break.”
”But... we’re gonna have to watch him for two days under sedation.”
Alex: “Dr. Pederson, this is Dr. Graf from the Psychiatric Institute.” (1:21)

Karen reads Michael’s message on the computer screen: “I’m crazy about you.” (1:25)

“The production line is going crazy.” (1:31)

One agent tells another, referring to Michael, “That guy’s nuts.” (1:33)