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Breakable You

Holly Hunter, Tony Shalhoub, Alfred Molina
hydrocodone-acetaminophen | Vicodin
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Graduate student Maud asks her actor and set-builder friend Samir Kamali, "Do I make you nervous?" (0:04)

By telephone Maud’s playwright father Adam Weller tells his psychotherapist wife Eleanor, referring to Ruth’s playwright husband, "Vincent’s been dead for five years." (0:05)

Her patient Jenny in psychotherapy session with Eleanor, (0:06)

Maud tells Adam, "I finally had an insight that sticks to the page... I was beginning to worry that I’m really a big fraud." (0:07)

Maud tells her professor Brian, referring to their affair, "That’s insane." (0:10)

Her own psychotherapist or psychotherapy supervisor asks Eleanor, "... why are you so angry with this patient?"
Eleanor: ”Passive.” (0:10)

Writer Robert Gordon tells Adam, “... your insight into his creative process..." (0:14)

Ruth Frank tells Adam, referring to Vincent’s sister LIllian, "She died this past summer." (0:16)

Maud asks Samir, "... did some psycho ex-girlfriend burn your house down?" (0:19)

Eleanor asks Adam’s union organizer brother Paul, "Are you out of your... mind?"
Eleanor: ”Are you insane.”
Paul: ”I didn’t mean to shock you.”
Eleanor: ”... as an experienced therapist, can I give you a piece of advice?” (0:22)

His lover Sandrine tells Adam, "I took a Vicodin..."
Adam: ”Or maybe that’s just the Vicodin talking.” (0:24)

Adam, referring to Vincent: "Crazy old bastard." (0:25)

Eleanor tells Paul, "I know you’re going through a confusing time..." (0:26)

Robert asks Adam, "Yes, but wasn’t that the essence of Vincent’s brilliance, how he refused the shelter of illusion?" (0:29)

Samir tells Maud, referring to his daughter Zahra, "She died when she was six years old." (0:33)

Eleanor tells Paul, "If I was my own therapist, I'd tell myself to run for the hills.”
”I just separated myself from the man I spent most of my life with, even if he was a selfish prick.“ (0:34)

By telephone, Eleanor tells Adam, "Ruth passed away last night." (0:40)

Wake for Ruth (0:41)

Adam tells Ruth’s daughter Shelly, "... don’t worry about the trunk." (0:44)

Paul tells Eleanor, "You got ten minutes 'till your next patient." (0:50)

Eleanor asks Paul, "... what is this obsession about telling Adam?" (0:52)

His agent Judith Singer tells Adam, "The office is going crazy." (0:53)

Adam tells Samir, "That’s not bereavement, pal. That is arrogance." (0:55)

A student tells Maud, "I look around, and I see very little empathy." (0:59)

Eleanor tells Paul, "It’s crazy." (1:13)

Adam tells Maud and Samir’s newborn Rosie, "Welcome to our crazy world, kiddo." (1:22)

Adam tells Eleanor, referring to Maud, "I’d be worried if she wasn’t emotional." (1:22)

Paul tells Eleanor, "I was worried."
Eleanor: ”You knew from the beginning that this was extremely confusing for me.” (1:26)

Maud tells Eleanor, "... that’s why you’ve made a fetish out of caring for weak people." (1:29)

Maud tells Eleanor, "I’m going under again." Postpartum depression? (1:32)

Maud tells Samir, "I have a history of... needing to go away to rest." (1:33)

Maud enters a psychiatric hospital. (1:33)

An hospital staff person tells Maud, "Rec therapy in five minutes..." (1:37)

Adam tells Sandrine, "This has been the craziest few weeks... we are catching the first flight out of this madhouse."
”I’ve been obsessed with the play.” (1:38)

Adam tells Maud, "Things have been crazy hectic with the play."
Maud: ”Don’t worry about it.”
”It is not bad for a bughouse.”
”For the first time in months, I’m dreaming.”
Adam: ”I was a selfish husband...” (1:40)

Adam asks Eleanor, "Are you insane?"
“I’m a selfish prick?” (1:47)

Adam tells the others, "Well, we all know, don’t we, all of us who have committed everything to this beautiful and maddening quest to capture the ephemeral?" (1:52)