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Breakfast of Champions

Bruce Willis, Albert Finney, Nick Nolte, Barbara Hershey, Glenne Headly, Lukas Haas, Omar Epps, Vicki Lewis, Buck Henry, Will Patton
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Car dealer Dwayne places the muzzle of his revolver in his mouth and cocks it. (0:03, 0:36)

Voice: “Going bananas...” (0:09)

Dwayne’s sales manager Harry dressed in a woman’s lingerie. His wife Grace tells Harry, referring to Dwayne and Celia, “He doesn’t know his wife is suicidal.” (0:10)

Dwayne tells his secretary and mistress, “The only thing anyone’s losing around here is their mind, Francine.” (0:17)

An adult bookstore clerk tells author Kilgore, “Watch it, perverted bastard.” (0:22)

His employee Vernon tells Dwayne, “My wife, she sees things that aren’t really there. Maybe I’m going crazy...” (0:25)

Dwayne reads a card to Francine: “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it sure helps.” (0:27)

In a panic Harry takes pills. By telephone he tells his wife Grace, “I’m a nervous wreck.” (0:32)

Dwayne: “Harry, Vernon Garr’s wife Rosemary, thinks Vern is trying to turn her brain into plutonium.” (0:37)

Francine, by telephone: “Mr. Hoover, you ought to have some crazy teenager who can run off with you whenever you want her to.”
Dwayne: “I don’t want a crazy teenager, Francine.” (0:44)

Francine: “I know the subject is painful to you, Dwayne, ever since your wife started acting crazy.”
Dwayne: “I’m so confused.” (0:47)

A motorist asks Dwayne, “What are you, nuts?” (0:56)

Celia takes one pill after another. overdose? (1:00)

The truck driver tells Kilgore, “This was about as crazy as anything you ever come across.”
”He must be half cracked...”
”Why would you ever read that nutty story if you didn’t have to?” (1:03)

Grace tells Harry, “That’s the best idea you’ve had since you quit therapy.” (1:10)

Celia packs several prescription bottles. (1:12)

Harry dressed in a woman’s lingerie. (1:15, 1:18)

Kilgore: “I made this long pilgrimage for an orgy of masochism.” (1:16)

Francine, by telephone: ”They were taking Mr. LeSabre to the Midland General Hospital, north wing, the, the psychiatric ward.” (1:27)

Dwayne reads from Kilgore’s book: “‘All of this has made you pooped and demoralized’... I’m pooped and demoralized.” (1:31)

Waitress: “Dwayne Hoover’s gone berserk.” (1:33)

Agent Bill tells Dwayne’s son Bunny, referring to Dwayne, “He’s a nut job.” (1:40)