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Breaking the Waves

Emily Watson, Stellan Skarsgård, Katrin Cartlidge, Jean-Marc Barr, Adrian Rawlins, Sandra Voe, Jonathan Hackett, Udo Kier
Lars von Trier | diazepam | Valium | marijuana
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Nurse Dodo, at the wedding of Bess and oil rig worker Jan: “When Sam died, I lost a husband, and you a brother.” (0:10)

Bess converses with God, letting God speak through her voice. (0:20, 0:38, 0:48; 0:59; 1:25; 1:35; 1:44; 2:15)

Bess tells Jan, “They’re burying Anthony now.”
Dodo: “Men are allowed at funerals.” (0:25)

Her mother tells Bess, “If you cannot control your moods it’s the hospital again for you my girl.” (0:28)

Dodo tells Jan, referring to Bess, “She’s not right in the head.” (0:30)

Jan’s oil rig worker friend Terry shares his joint with Jan and coworker Pits. (0:39)

Bess’s mother tells Dodo, referring to Bess, “Bit of hysterics.” (0:48)

Bess faints when the preacher tells her Jan has been injured. (0:52)

Bess visits Dr. Richardson who tells her, “You were upset because your brother had died.”
”I don’t think that people should be given pills just because they do what’s only natural.”
Bess: “What happened on the rig was my fault.”
Richardson: “Bess, perhaps you should do a bit of grieving for yourself instead of him.” (1:08)

Dodo, referring to a toy: “How daft that is, completely daft.” (1:12)

Jan attempts to overdose with pills from an open bottle labeled Valium left on his food tray. (1:15)

Dr. Richardson catches Bess when she faints.” (1:23)

Dodo tells Bess, “I used to go mad when people called you stupid...” (1:41)

Dodo tells Bess, referring to Jan, “He’s up to his eyeballs in drugs.” (1:44)

Dr. Richardson tells Bess, referring to Jan, “Well, I’m sorry, but, you know, but to me he seems more like a dirty old man wants to play the peeping Tom.” (1:52)

Dr. Richardson tells Jan, referring to Bess, “I can’t judge why, but she’s suffering from delusions regarding your condition.”
Richardson tells Dodo, referring to committing Bess to a psychiatric hospital, “It’s the only way I can get her treated.” (1:59)

When Bess dies Dodo grieves. (2:22)

Judge: “You describe the deceased as an immature, unstable person, a person who, due to the trauma of her husband’s illness gave way in obsessive fashion to an exaggerated, perverse form of sexuality.”
Dr. Richardson: “If you were to ask me again to write, um, a conclusion then, instead of writing ‘neurotic’ or, um, ‘psychotic’ I might just use a word like ‘good’.”
Judge: “Perhaps this was the psychological defect that led to her death.”(2:24)

His friends open Bess’ coffin for Jan. (2:28)

Burial. (2:29)

His friends help Jan bury Bess at sea. Jan grieves. (2:31)

Lars von Trier's Golden Heart Trilogy: Breaking the Waves | The Idiots | Dancer in the Dark