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Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy, Tom Hollander, Hugh Bonneville, Dean-Charles Chapman
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Dr. Don McQueen tells Diana, referring to the polio virus, “It passes into the bloodstream, into the central nervous system, and attacks a big group of cells in the spinal cord.” (0:16)

Dr. Khan tells Diana, “Your husband is going through a temporary depression.” (0:21)

Dr. Entwistle tells Diana, “No one with your husband's degree of disability, anywhere in the world, exists outside a hospital.” (0:32)

Dr. Khan tells Dr. Entwistle, “It is the patient's own wish, sir.” (0:38)

Robin: “Yes, I have been wondering what it might be like to get drunk.” (0:47)

Robin, referring to Dr. Entwistle, “Oh, that man is a pompous idiot. (0:54)

Robin tells Diana, Lady Neville is good for “A thousand at least, if, uh, she’s in the mood.” (1:17)

After he stops breathing Diana turns off Robin’s respirator. (1:50)