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The Bridge

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Video footage of those who have jumped, a few who have stopped them and interviews with friends, family, and one who jumped but survived.
Footage of people jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. (0:03, 0:56, 1:04, 1:19)

A kite surfer describes the irony of pursuing his favorite pleasure while "This person's ending their life." (0:05)

A photographer grabs a woman as she prepares to jump. (0:40 )

Indistinct footage of something falling from the bridge. (1:20, 1:21)


Lisa's mother Rachel: "We went through all the counselors and finally got her to go a psychiatrist... a paranoid schizophrenic..." (0:10)

Rachel says Lisa was "off her medication."
Lisa's sister Tara: "Being a schizophrenic... like having 44 channels on at the same time." A friend "jumped off the bridge." (0:14)

Rachel: "That's the last we saw her." (0:18)

Tara says of her brother: "He doesn't believe she committed suicide."
Rachel calls her suicide "a relief for her [Lisa]." (0:21)


Philip's mother Mary: "I think the medicines made him worse."
Philip's father Wally: "He tried it a few times.... some people believe suicide's a sin." (0:24)

Wally tells us Philip wanted to "hang himself or have the policemen shoot him." He talks about his son's grandparents: "My father was alcoholic. Hers was alcoholic." (0:33)


Gene's friend: "I'm going to just shoot myself. I'm gonna do it with a bow and arrow." (0:26)

Gene's friend: "He told his mother he wanted to kill himself."
Gene's friend quotes him: "Now I can finally end it all." (0:31)

Gene's friend refers to Gene's mother: "She too was depressed." (0:45)

Gene jumps from the bridge. (1:29)


Kevin says he entertained "Ideas of suicide... before I was diagnosed... oh I'll just kill myself."
His father Pat says Kevin "had huge mood swings... very high or very low."
Kevin describes "hallucinating... bugs in my bed... hallucinations to become greater and greater... suicide letter..."
Pat recalls a "terrible episode... hearing voices... I called the psychiatrist."
Kevin: "I knew I was going to the bridge and jump... I just wanted to die..."
Kevin describes how he changed his mind as jumped and how he survived. (0:47)

Pat describes the "extreme mental illness.... confined for almost 3 months... bipolar... drug therapy." (0:58)

"We started using crystal meth... Using crystal everything started going down the toilet... I have a very addictive personality." (1:01)


Ruby's friend says he "never would have said Ruby had a significant depression problem." (1:09)

Ruby's friend tells of a conversation that ended with her giving her her own medication: "I want some meds... antidepressant meds... here, you can have mine." (1:11)

Ruby's friend says she thought, "He's not just depressed. He wants to kill himself." She says he told her, "Not sleeping making me crazy... I'm thinking about killing myself..." She says she asked him, "Do you have a plan?" to which he replied, "I'd overdose... What about people who shoot themselves?" She says she told him, "Anyway you are not in the category of people that get to kill themselves." (1:15)


David's friend Gordon theorizes about him "self-medicating with alcohol... David would... start treatment... antidepressants." (1:10)


Jim's father says he told him he would "just have to commit hara kiri" and that he "had been contemplating sucide." (1:12)