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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent, Celia Imrie, James Faulkner, Jacinda Barrett, Sally Phillips, Shirley Henderson, James Callis
psilocybin | psilocin | Pfizer | heroin | cocaine | psylocybe
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Journalist Bridget: “Honestly, you forget just one teeny-weeny detail, and everyone treats you like an idiot.” (0:04)

Bridget: “He’s given up being snooty, and I’ve given up smoking... Not a... alcoholic, workaholic, pervert or megalomaniac.” (0:06)

Bridget tells Richard, “Look, I never said I could skydive, and I’m terrified of heights...” (0:09)

Reporter Daniel on television: “First example in history of a poof interior designer gone bonkers.” (0:09)

Jeremy tells Daniel his piece on Madrid was “outstanding, full of insights, really original.”
Daniel tells Bridget, “I’m in shag therapy... I go to meetings...” (0:19)

Bridget: “I'm late with mad hair...” (0:22)

Pharmacist, referring to Bridget: “I think her problem is psychological.” (0:39)

Bridget tells Mark, “It would be madness to allow a child to enjoy his education or live with his parents.”
Mark: “What would be madness would be to have a child at all...” (0:41)

Newspaper headline: “Celltech quits Pfizer drug deal.” (0:42)

Mark: “Bridget, this is mad.” (0:47)

Bridget tells her mother, “I’m suicidally depressed.” (0:50)

Mark: “Jones, if you’re going to be dull, I’m just going to plumb straight back into Mrs. Dalloway.” (0:56)

Bridget asks her friend Shazzer, “It is a magic mushroom omelet, isn’t it?... Although, thank God, the mushrooms don’t actually seem to be working.”
Bridget experiences

 visual and auditory disturbances. (1:00)

Daniel tells Bridget, “I think you’re completely off your face.” (1:01)

Daniel tells Bridget, “You’re charming on drugs.” (1:02)

Bridget tells Daniel, “Just a bit nervous.” (1:07)

 Shazzer tells Bridget, referring to Daniel, “I can’t... believe he made up that whole sex therapy thing.” (1:09)

Mark asks Bridget, referring to a picture of Jed, “Is this the man with whom you were seen taking hallucinogenic mushrooms...”

”Is he the same man who gave you the snake containing the drugs?” (1:17)

Another inmate tells the others, “My boyfriend... he make me take heroin drug.”
Bridget: ”Hitting me and making me take drugs.” (1:20)

Daniel tells Mark, referring to Bridget, “She’s gone all frigid.”
”If you're so obsessed with Bridget Jones, why don’t you just marry her?” (1:24)

Bridget: “Tiny, tiny misunderstanding to do with an enormous stash of cocaine.” (1:36)

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