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Brigsby Bear

Kyle Mooney, Claire Danes, Mark Hamill, Greg Kinnear, Matt Walsh, Michaela Watkins, Andy Samberg, Jane Adams, Beck Bennett, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Kate Lyn Sheil, Ryan Simpkins
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | ethyl alcohol | marijuana
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James’ sister Aubrey tells their parents Greg and Louise, referring to James, “You're like freaking him out.” (0:21)

Family session with psychiatric professional Emily (0:25)

Aubrey’s friend Merideth, on seeing James: “Crazy.” (0:31)

Merideth tells James, “That’s insane.”
James: ”It’s insane.” (0:34)

Merideth tells James, “”My first time rolling was intense too.” (0:36)

James hallucinates. Sun Snatcher asks him, “How are you possibly this wasted right now.?” (0:38)

His friend Spencer tells James, “You just started tripping.” (0:39)

Spencer tells James, “Dude, this is insane.”
”... and I got a drug test coming up in a couple weeks... (0:50)

Spencer tells Merideth, “Logan is bringing weed.” (0:59)

Merideth tells James, “You were wasted.”
James: “I was so nervous.” (1:01)

Aubrey tells James, “Dude, I'm obsessed with this song.” (1:02)

Deputy Bander tells James, “Officers say they found marijuana and an open container of alcohol in the truck...”
James: “The marijuana smokings, the bad drinks: Those were mine.” (1:06)

Family session with Emily (1:07)

Greg tells Louise, referring to James, “He's obsessed. (1:15)

James in a psychiatric hospital (1:15)

Emily meets with James. (1:17)

James elopes from the hospital. (1:19)

Louise tells James, “In a couple of weeks you're going to have an independent evaluation....” (1:22)