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Broken Embraces

Penélope Cruz, Lluís Homar, Blanca Portillo, Jose Luis Gomez, Rubén Ochandiano, Tamar Novas, Ángela Molina, Chus Lampreave, Kiti Manver, Lola Dueñas
methamphetamine | cocaine | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | sodium oxybate
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Film director Mateo tells agent and manager Judit, "He was born... mental retard..." (0:09)

Another DJ asks Diego, "You want a bit of crystal?" (0:11)

Lines of cocaine on a tray. (0:18)

Aspiring film maker Ray X explains his name to Mateo, "At one time I did a lot of ecstasy." (0:21)

Ray X tells Mateo, "The father... homophobic... complexes..." (0:25)

In a telephone conversation Ray X's mother, referring to their son, tells wealthy Ernesto, "I caught him trying on my dresses." (0:28)

Diego tells Mateo, referring to his proposed vampire characters, "They don't need drugs to stay awake." (0:33)

A young man tells Diego, referring to his DJ friend, "Sorry, he's blasted on GHB"
"You want a bit of MDMA?" Diego: "Just a bit."
Diego wets his fingertip to dip some powder from a wrapper offered by the other man.
The DJ drips some liquid from a medicine dropper into a drink and takes a couple of sips. He asks Diego, "Want some GHB?"
Diego: "I've had some MDMA."
Diego takes a drink, passes out almost immediately, and, apparently overdosed, is loaded into an ambulance. (0:35)

Mateo: "We were both too nervous." (0:42)

Lena tells Ernesto, "I was very nervous." (0:44)

Lena tells Mateo in a video, "I'm living on tranks." (1:00)

Lena tells Mateo, referring to Ernesto, "He's a psychopath." (1:14)

In Mateo's film, Lena tells another actress, "So you're... the one who's been in a mental hospital for 20 years."
Actress: "Yes, but I'm not a mental hospital now." (1:15)

Mateo grieves after a motor vehicle accident kills Lena. (1:26)

In Mateo's film another actress tells Lena, "If the police find 30 pounds of uncut cocaine in my house..." (1:36)

Judit tells Diego she feels "A bit hung over... I think the catharsis last night did me good."
Diego: "I thought so, even before the catharsis last night." (1:48)

In Mateo's film Lena tells another actress, "His ex-wife, the lunatic, pushed me down the stairs."
Lena: "I put in a whole box of sleeping pills."
Beatrice tells Lena she has "A suitcase with 30 pounds of top-quality, uncut cocaine."
Lena: "Are you a dealer now?"
Actress: "There's a lot of drugs in politics..."
"If they catch me with all that cocaine..."
"Last night... I saw he'd been arrested in a drug bust... one of the biggest drug traffickers in the country."
"... bags of cocaine." (1:56)