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Brooklyn Orchid

CastWilliam Bendix, Joe Sawyer, Marjorie Woodworth, Grace Bradley, Richard "Skeets" Gallagher, Florine McKinney, Leonid Kinskey
Year released1942
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Taxi business partner Eddie Corbett tells his fiance Mabel Cooney, "It’s against my better judgment." (0:05)

Eddie’s partner Tim McGuerin asks music critic Jonathan McFeeder, "Hey, am I nuts...?" (0:10)

Lucy “The Brooklyn Orchid” Gibbs tells Tim and Eddie, "It took me days to get up enough nerve to jump in that river..."
Eddie tells Tim, ”She’s screwy.”
Tim: ”She’s gettin’ hysterical.” (0:19)

Tim asks Lucy, "... how come a glamour girl like you tries to knock herself off?" (0:21)

Mabel answers Tim’s wife Sadie, "No, but they’re probably up in Eddie’s apartment getting drunk as usual." (0:24)

McFeeder, appearing drunk, tells Lucy, "Oh, lady sleepwalker..." (0:26)

Lucy tells Tim and Eddie, "Don’t worry..." (0:36)

Lucy asks Sadie and Mabel, referring to wealthy Tommy Lyman Goodweek, "What I want to know is, is he nuts?" (0:40)

Tim tells Goodweek, "I’ve got every confidence in my Sadie." (0:45)

Eddie tells Lucy, "There’s nothing to worry about..." (0:46)

Mabel smacks Eddie in the face. (0:48)

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