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The Brother from Another Planet

Joe Morton, Darryl Edwards, Steve James, Leonard Jackson, Bill Cobbs, Maggie Renzi, Tom Wright, Minnie Gentry, Renn Woods
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Bartender Odell, referring to The Brother: “The man’s a wino who should be out on the street.” (0:15)

Smokey: “The man is deaf, the man is crazy, or the man is a wino.”
”Diagnosis. Diagnosis.”
”Diagnosis. Crazy. The man is definitely crazy.”
”Man’s crazy.”
”They all crazy up there.” (0:18)

Landlady Randy Sue tells The Brother, “Like I got no memory... Sometimes I just think I’m gonna go crazy living up here like this.” (0:29)

Ed tells The Brother, “We’re in for the self-actualization conference...” (0:50)

Mugger: “He’s retarded, man.” The Brother grabs the arm of one revealing track marks. (0:54)

Randy Sue: “They‘re not poor boys, Mama. They're junkies.” (0:55)

The Brother finds a junkie, apparently dead from an overdose, with the needle still in his arm. He removes a packet of drug from the junkie’s pocket, swallows the contents, then injects his arm. (1:01)

Haitian man offers The Brother a joint. He tokes. (1:05)

Randy Sue tells a man in black, “We had a kid overdose right downstairs last night...” (1:11)

The Brother places the syringe on a mirror in front of Mr. Vance who hands him a plastic bag of white powder. By placing his own eyeball in Mr. Vance’s hand The Brother shows him the overdosed junkie. (1:38)