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Brothers (2009)

Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman
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Uniformed soldiers inform his wife Grace that US Marine Sam has been killed in Afghanistan. (0:15)

Grace tells her brother-in-law Tommy that Sam was killed. (0:17)

Memorial service for Sam. (0:20)

Tommy tells Grace about making amends to his robbery victim. (0:49)

Tommy smokes a joint, sharing it with Grace. (0:50)

Sam's father Hank tells Sam, "After I got back from 'Nam I couldn't talk to your mother." (1:07)

Sam confronts Tommy about his belief that he has been involved romantically with Grace. (1:09)

Sam compulsively arranges and rearranges cups and glasses in a cupboard. When he hears a dog barking outdoors he pulls his pistol out of his belt and looks for a threat. (1:14)

Sam tells his commanding officer he wants to return to Afghanistan. His commanding officer asks him how his "counseling" is progressing. (1:14)

Sam asks Grace, "What happened with you and Tommy?" Sam tells her he believes she was unfaithful and leaves. (1:17)

At Sam and Grace's daughter Maggie's birthday party Hank says, "These days they need therapy if they stub their toe." (1:24)

Sam reacts with rage to his daughter Isabelle's disruptive behavior. (1:26)

Sam rages at Grace. (1:30)

Sam holds his pistol to his head, threatening suicide. (1:33)

A technician escorts Sam out the door of what appears to be a psychiatric hospital for a 30 minute pass with Grace. She asks him, "Why are you punishing yourself?" He confesses to her that he killed his fellow soldier Joe. (1:38)

How would you diagnose Sam? Delusional Disorder? Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? Does he feel so guilty about killing Joe that he believes he deserves betrayal by his brother and his wife? How would you treat him in psychotherapy?

Remake of the Danish film "Brødre"