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Bunny and the Bull

CastEdward Hogg, Simon Farnaby, Verónica Echegui, Richard Ayoade, Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Rich Fulcher, Waleed Khalid, George Newton, Margaret Wheldon, Madeleine Worrall
Year released2009
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Blog entry

Narrator: "Today Stephen will attempt to do something he hasn't done for over a year. Today Stephen will attempt try to leave the house." Agoraphobia? (0:04)

Scenes showing Stephen's hoarding. (0:13, 0:38, 0:47, 1:02, 1:17)

Stephen asks Bunny, "Are you mentally ill?" (0:08)

Bunny tells Stephen, "Stephen, by the time you finish making that I will already be drunk." (0:15)

Stephen tries to open the door to leave his house but gives up. (0:31)

Bunny tells Stephen, "I think what you need is more boxes filled with random old..." (0:32)

Stephen tells Bunny and Eloisa, "I think maybe I'm a little bit drunk or something."
Bunny: "Drunk?"
Eloisa: "You're drinking and driving?" (0:45)

Stephen tells Eloisa, referring to her imaginary friend Conchita, "But she's a hallucination." (1:00)

The hotelier calls Stephen "Bloody junkie." Stephen, in front of shelves of medicine bottles, swallows a pill. (1:02)

Eloisa's brother Javier tells Bunny, referring to a great Matador, "He makes love with two womans, takes a gun, and he shoots himself." (1:07)

Stephen tells Bunny why Bunny should not fight a bull: "Because it's dangerous and cruel and insane." (1:13)

Stephen tells Bunny, "Javier's going to go mental."
Bunny: "Yeah, I know he's gonna go mental" (1:21)

Bunny tells Stephen, "And I was very drunk." (1:24)

Stephen tells Bunny, "You get pissed." (1:26)

The bull gores and kills Bunny. Stephen grieves. (1:29)

Bunny tells Stephen, "I mean I had always hoped to be... gunned down by some demented fan." (1:32)

Stephen finally -- and fearfully --  leaves his house without Bunny. (1:37)

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